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Miss Biao will not live to be seventeen.

#1 | Zaslané: 26 Aug 2022 04:03
Jiang Chengcai wanted to leave again, and there seemed to be a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Xu Ziyue laughed softly and said, "If the teacher likes it, I won't take away what people like." In this way, it has been rejected. Jiang Cheng stood in the doorway for a long time, listening to the two people in the room continue to talk about political knowledge, obviously is the same age as her, but can be as erudite as his grandfather, such a person. Jiang Cheng left sadly, but Xu Ziyue didn't move at all from the beginning to the end. The capital seems to be particularly lively because of the entrance of the students, and we can often see the students talking in the teahouse. The ninth day of the third month was the first one. At the Gongyuan in the southeast of the inner city of Kyoto, the students entered one day earlier, and Xu Ziyue's arrival attracted everyone to watch. Xie yuan is not only Xu Ziyue, for example, the black-faced man in the distance is Xie yuan of Guangdong, but that man is now twenty-seven, five big and three thick does not look like a scholar, and how to compare with Xu Ziyue, who is now only fifteen years old. Neng entered Jiang Cong's eyes, and was the eldest son of the Marquis of Chengwen in the capital. So young also just, the appearance unexpectedly also so outstanding, just need to stand there, already is hard to hide the charm, the field also has and the person compares with his elegant demeanor. And how not to make people jealous. Some people fawn on greetings, some people are so indifferent, and some people throw their sleeves away and scold a child frivolous, they are busy to see him, but see Xu Ziyue handsome and matchless face is still as usual. There are three examinations, one on the ninth day of the first lunar month, one on the fifteenth day and one on the twenty-fifth day, four or five articles, five words and eight rhymes, five scriptures, but these are the only things. In his last life, Xu Ziyue won three yuan in a row, and later became an official in the cabinet. He also served as the examiner of this spring, and also set questions for the examiners from all over the country. Already deep into the bone marrow of things, as early as there are people scratching their ears and cheeks do not know what to write, Xu Ziyue has opened the paper and dropped the first stroke. The examiner slightly frowned, he naturally recognized who this person was, but did not want the famous Xu Ziyue to be so impulsive. Curious in the end,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, quietly walked behind Xu Ziyue, has not yet seen the title, has been a good word surprise. Thinking that he was forty years old and could not write such a profound word, his pen was like a flowing pen sweeping thousands of troops, and he could not help but look at him with new eyes, and then read a few words to leave with admiration. For seven days, the Xu family nervously watched Xu Ziyue come and go, this person is always an expressionless appearance, simply can not see good or bad. Very not easy to get through fifteen, the carriage of the Xu family eagerly picked up Xu Ziyue at the gate of Gongyuan, but was preempted by the Jiang family. Jiang Cong from the last day to know the test questions, the heart also scolded a few words, good tricky questions. Jiang Qi and Jiang Cheng talked about a few words, Jiang Qi and Jiang Cheng said their opinions, Jiang Ge smiled and waited for the two to finish. "Empty, the people can not be famous; lofty, it has success, brilliant, it has the article.". This question is regular, taking the famous passage of Confucius praising Yao in the Analects of Confucius, Taibo, Small Dc Gear Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and praising Yao's outstanding achievements, so the answer only needs to praise the achievements of the ancient sages and sages. Water, fire, metal, wood, earth and mud are all cultivated. This topic is somewhat difficult. Water can irrigate, fire can cook, metal can cut, wood can grow, earth can reproduce, and grain can nurture. These six things are called the "six houses," which are used by nature to nurture all living things. " The two of them were suddenly enlightened and could not help admiring their grandfather more and more. Just as they were talking, they said that they had picked up Xu Ziyue. Jiang Cong raised his pale eyebrows and said to Jiang Cheng with a smile, "You often refuse to accept why I like Xu Ziyue so much. Today you can see how he is." Jiang Qi is not convinced, this is waiting for Xu Ziyue to come in. Jiang Cong is still the same as just asked Xu Ziyue, Xu Ziyue because he has already written this topic, it is even clearer to say. Water, fire, metal, wood, earth and mud are all cultivated. From "Shangshu · Dayumo", water can irrigate, fire can cook, metal can cut, wood can work, earth can reproduce, grain can nurture, these six are called six houses, which are used by nature to nurture all living things. As the saying goes, virtue is only good governance, and governance is to support the people. The virtue of the sage is embodied in handling government affairs well, and arranging water, fire, metal, wood, earth and so on is called only cultivation. Mencius has a saying, do not violate the farming season, the grain can not be eaten, it is the embodiment of this truth.
” The second half is hidden in the title. The original words should be that the scholar first knows the instrument and then the literature and art. It is selected from the Biography of Pei Xingjian in the New Book of Tang Dynasty. The scholar's Zhiyuan is first knows the instrument and then the literature and art. Since he is a scholar, he must first know the instrument, and then talk about literature and art.. Graceful, clear, Jiang Qi is just nodding at the beginning, after actually gradually listening to God, and then has been fully convinced. Jiang Cong touched his beard and laughed with satisfaction, shouting three times. How not to surprise him, not only the knowledge, but also the outstanding vision. When Wang Chong was young, he won the first prize, but compared with Xu Ziyue today, he is still much worse. Jiang Cheng watched Xu Ziyue walk out of Jiang's house with complicated eyes. Jiang Cong looked at his granddaughter and sighed. He just turned his head and squinted at Jiang Qi. "But I'm convinced?" Jiang Qi's face was reddish. "Grandson is ashamed." "He is also Jiang Cong's good grandson, who knows his shortcomings and then can be self-reflexive, and who knows his difficulties and then can be self-reliant." The waiting time is always very long, so is the Xu family, especially Su Wenqing, who is far away in Suzhou. A month before the release of the list, I heard that the second son of the magistrate's family sent a letter saying that the topic was extremely tricky, causing the whole of Suzhou to grimace. Su Wenqing could not help worrying. At this time, I wish I could ask Xu Ziyue clearly to feel at ease. It was such a difficult time that I wanted Xu Ziyue to wait together, and I wanted to know whether it was sad or happy at the earliest time around Xu Ziyue. If cousin says he can win, then he must be able to win. The peach blossoms withered all over the mountain, the apricot blossoms gradually bloomed, and when the fragrance of apricot blossoms drifted in the capital again, the Ministry of Rites finally posted the apricot list. The sound of gongs and drums all over the sky woke up the Xu family, who were still waiting nervously, and the newspaper officer rode a fast horse to go again. The dawn had just risen in the morning,Planetary Gear Motor, and the good news came. "News of victory: Master Xu Yiziyue of Shuntian Prefecture in the capital, the first Gongshi in the examination of the second ugly subject in high school, and the saint above the throne room!" Chapter 64. ichgearmotor.com
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