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Meng Rui (Nu Zun)

#1 | Zaslané: 26 Aug 2022 03:58
Seeing that Yan Wu was threatened, he was so frightened that his face turned white and he crawled over. "Don't touch her. Be careful, or you can catch me." "Bah, what's the use of asking you? I don't know if this man is ungrateful. If I leave you to me and run away, I won't bother to feed you." The blue clothes wiped the sweat with the empty hand, and Yan Wu was not nervous. "What on earth do you want to do?" He said angrily. "You left me and refused to admit it. After using me, you still want to run away?" Blue-clad Hailan (the original Nan) seemed to be accusing her of discarding, and her hands trembled even more. "Enough!" She shouted. Between the fingers together, a touch of red light, Hailan palm crisp hemp, but the heart is unwilling, hard top sword, although the sword fell but deviated from the direction, sharp blade light across, a few drops of blood along the neck immersed in the collar. Yan'er! Love dust frightened to embrace the beloved person, heartache is difficult to suppress, from the bosom out of the handkerchief, and took the two Ya to the wound medicine, carefully bandaged, and then tightly hugged, eyes with tears and anger staring at Hailan, "I.." I didn't mean to. Hailan obviously did not expect, nervous hands do not know where to put, "forget it, I'm fine." Yan Wu said impatiently and ordered Erya to go out and continue to drive the car,gear reduction motor, knowing that he didn't mean it, otherwise the lurking people would have done it earlier. "What on earth do you want to do?" If he wasn't the son of King Pei, if she didn't want to cause trouble in Chaoye, she would have wanted to throw him out of the carriage. "I beg you." The man suddenly knelt down. Lianchen and Yanwu were questioned by the scene. "I know you are going out of the city, and I know you are going to several remote places. I beg you to take me. I want to find my father. I beg you." Making a gesture, he began to cry and sob. Yan dance they are more confused, this sea three childe's father is not good in the palace, is not the present Pei Wang Fu? But I heard that the eldest son and the third son were both born by Pei Wangfu, and only the second son was born by the side Wangfu. Is there any secret door? Stop crying and say it! Yan Wu always wanted to beat him,brushless gear motor, but he didn't know if he was wrong with his eight characters. "My mother's husband is not my father!" A word should be two people in the mind, also really like a huge stone thrown into the lake, splashing a thousand waves, "this can not be nonsense, if you just for me to take you out of the city to play, make up such a lie, then you don't blame me impolite." Yan Wu pupil slightly closed, the words contain the meaning of warning, "how dare I mess up, do you know why I am in Yuntan County?" Hailan said with tears in her eyes, "You are going to be a chivalrous man." Remembering that time, Yan Wu was so angry that he was like a magic star. I heard Niang and her confidant talking in the study, so I went! Hailan was eager to explain the world, "My mother said she was sorry for my father, if she hadn't been ungrateful, my father wouldn't have gone to other places with hatred and practiced medicine everywhere.." After a long time, it was a bloody plot. Her mother was killed by the prime minister who was also the queen of the court at that time in order to protect the first emperor and consolidate her position. (Chao Ye is different from Xi Duo. There is only one prime minister, 24v Gear Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, and his power is below one person and above ten thousand people.) Poisoned in the body, just be saved by Hailan's father, and then the dog blood one to two, have a leg, which know this Peiwang likes the new and hates the old, after going back, and accept a few rooms side Wang Fu, only forget that far away from the other side of the people, such as Hailan 1 year old, this Peiwang just thought that there had been such a person, and so on to find, found that he had given birth to a son, that person is also strong. He didn't want to be involved with her any more, so he wanted to take the child and leave. King Pei said that he was a favorite master in the royal family, and there was nothing he couldn't get. Besides, he had to abduct his own child. So he was so angry that he talked nonsense and let someone take the child away, hoping that he could come to beg her. But after waiting for a few months, he only waited for a note: Even if Shangbi falls into the afterlife, we will never meet again. At this point, the man disappeared and could not be found. A long time ago, I heard them say that there was death in Yuntan County and that some people had been harmed. My father was a medical practitioner. Wei felt that he should go. Although there was no way to confirm, he couldn't help but want to go and see, but he met the false God. Hailan said more and more in a low voice, but also from time to time to see if Yanwu was angry.
"No wonder when you see people, you turn into hedgehogs, like eating dynamite." Yan Wu muttered thoughtfully, "What?" Hailan obviously did not hear clearly, "no, is your information reliable?" Yan Wu still doubted, "I heard it with my own ears when I was eight years old. At that time, I was still young and wanted to find my mother to accompany me to practice sword." "Well, well, don't say it. Of course I have a way to know the truth. But do you know how much trouble you've caused me by leaving?" Yan Wu waved his hand. If I don't say, who knows? Hai Lan felt a little proud. Yan Wu rolled his eyes. He was really naive. Then he opened the curtain and said, "Er Ya, it seems that it's hard to get out of the city today. Find an inn nearest to the city gate and settle down first." By the way, check this interesting thing, Yan Wu did not say the latter half of the sentence, but turned around in the car to find pen and ink, wrote a few words, and took out a delicate silver box, engraved with Kang understand the spell, opened the lid, love dust naturally poured some water, Yan Wu hand red light, with paper in the water to draw a circle, then let go, paper in the water ups and downs, suddenly disappeared. This is the method of communication that Yan Wu came up with after looking at the medium used by Bai Yi Zi in the last false God war. The old and rustic method of the message tree is too unsuitable for him. Yan Wu ignored Hailan, closed his eyes and leaned on Lian Chen's arms. There would probably be news tomorrow. Volume II Chapter 51 "Well.." Inside the gauze tent, the two bodies were entangled, touching and melancholy. "Yan'er, what are you going to do?" Lian Chen breathed lightly and lay on the edge of Yan Wu, letting Yan Wu's small palm swim on his jade-like body. "I came to report today that it might be true about Hailan. At the beginning, Pei Wang did bring a 1-year-old child back to the house." Yan Wu went to the nest in Lian Chen's arms. Lian Chen knew that she was afraid of the cold,Low Rpm Electric Motor, so he quickly stretched out his hand and hugged her tightly. But he didn't know that the movement area affected the intersection of the two people under his body, which caused them to gasp. "Husband, do you still want it?" Yan Wu licked the lips of Love Dust with his tongue. Love Dust was ashamed and buried his head in his hair. ichgearmotor.com
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