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The Movie Queen of the Past and the Present Arrives (Entertainment Circle Shuang Wen Bai Lei Su Brin

#1 | Zaslané: 26 Aug 2022 03:56
Followed by two assistants with shelves, shelves covered with white cloth, two assistants move carefully, softly put down before going to stand behind Claire, Claire was tall, even taller than the two assistants after wearing high-heeled shoes, not busy lifting the white cloth, interested in watching Song Weimu sitting there by a few makeup artists. Also from time to time to say a few words of advice, in the fashion circle mix of makeup collocation has always been the most sensitive sense of smell, otherwise how to guide the fashion trend? Claire may not be as popular as some international stars, but her reputation in the circle is no lower than anyone else. She can get the title of master in her thirties, which shows her amazing beauty. The world's top fashion magazines have praised her as a brilliant and dazzling pearl. The queen of minimalism in the fashion industry is her best friend. This is also a very strange thing in the fashion industry. Claire and Anne, the Queen of Minimalism, have different design styles. When the concept of simplicity and beauty became popular, some crisp and neat clothes began to dominate the whole fashion industry. From the title of Queen of Minimalism, we know her design style, while Claire is advocating retro. It can be seen from her acceptance of a & R's invitation to design clothes for them that the era of complex beauty has passed for a long time, but Claire's luxurious and complex style clothes are regarded as treasures by some ladies and some people who advocate the retro school. The beauty of the layers of lace really reminds people of the aristocratic party. Claire has never been stingy with her imagination, complex but not cumbersome, gorgeous but not tacky. With the gradual improvement of the consumption level in the eastern market,micro gear motor, various fashion brands have also turned their attention to this densely populated country. A & R also intends to open up the eastern market, so it has left one of this year's finale clothes in the east, not in the show of Inter Milan. Song Weimu also learned about Claire's life because of this show, and saw the photos of her works in the past few years, but when Claire smiled and lifted the white cloth, Song Weimu's eyes shrank. The extremely luxurious clothes are also extremely domineering. Claire enjoyed looking at Song Weimu's amazing eyes. The subconscious surprise of the audience is the most useful appreciation for the designer. Now her hair has been tied up high, similar to the classical lady's hairstyle in England, with two strings of small pearls hanging on her temples,12v High Torque Motor, a polished ruby shining in the middle of her forehead, a small crown with broken diamonds in the middle of her temples, beautiful and delicate, ruby earrings in the shape of drops on her ears, and a set of hair accessories. She also wore a ruby necklace around her neck. The face that has been taken care of by a few makeup artists is more delicate and elegant, the eyeliner is a little heavy, and it looks very dignified when you squint your eyes. Claire looked up and down at Song Weimu, extremely satisfied, yesterday also heard Janie said that the new person is very talented, can let always strict Janie say such words, that her performance is really good. Waved his hand to Song Weimu to change clothes, the tone has a kind of irrepressible excitement, "believe me, this year you will make that group of people extremely amazing, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Brushless Gear Motor, you are the most dazzling star tonight!" This sentence was said by Claire in English, Song Weimu, who changed his clothes, did not understand, but several makeup artists smiled at each other and complimented Claire's words. Designers who can be called masters are almost at the top of the fashion circle. Unlike those models, masters rely on their brains to make a living. The older they are, the more valuable they are. It's no harm to anyone. Claire is probably used to this attitude of the crowd, also did not wait for Song Weimu to come out to explain the assistant a few words, a person on high-heeled shoes to the front desk and acquaintances to say hello. In order to open up the eastern market, several of the shows were not made public at the Paris Spring Show, especially this time there seems to be a grand finale by Claire, and the fashion reporters are more enthusiastic.
Now on the stage is a & R design over the years, even if the style has been launched, there are still a lot of people to see with relish, such as this year's new product by a tall model to wear out, a designer full of interest asked Claire, "I heard that you chose a new person for the finale?" Claire nodded, folded her arms with the designer and looked at the models on the runway surrounded by magnesium lights. The designer became interested and asked, "This newcomer is very talented."? Is it worth making an exception? Speaking of the fashion industry's grand finale, there are only familiar faces coming and going. It doesn't look fresh. It's good to have a talented newcomer. If it looks good, I'll invite you to have a try at this year's autumn show. Claire, "she's talented, but that's not a reason to look at her differently. I look at her …" Seeing that Claire did not follow, the designer asked curiously, "What do you see in her?" Claire did not speak, but smiled slowly, a smile of victory in hand, and whispered, "Look.." See what? The designer is curious. Looking down Claire's line of sight, his eyes suddenly widened, only to find that the following did not know when it was quiet, but the magnesium lamp was lit up in the opposite direction, almost turning the runway into daylight. The incredible model with a delicate face came leisurely from the dark, with an exaggerated Wesker collar, but a little shorter than that of the eighteenth century, with a snow-like pile of lace inlaid with crystals, a slender neck wrapped in it, a necklace of ruby hidden in it, and the chest decorated with the most typical V-shaped chest piece of the eighteenth century. It was inlaid with precious stones and embroidered, and the high-waisted design made the model more tall and leggy, wearing snow-white lace gloves on her hands and holding a closed feather fan on her right hand. The dress is clearly in line with Claire's usual gorgeous style, and the shape of the dress is clearly inspired by the Queen of England in the eighteenth century. Skirt winding to the ground, almost can not see the model's feet, vaguely can only see the pearl inlaid toe, falling skirt below the magnificent inlay, light blue lace piled into flowers,Vending Machine Motor, inlaid with various gems in the middle, like a sparrow screen, Claire's design did not disappoint. ichgearmotor.com
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