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Changle Weiyang · Quick-wear Jade Body Horizontal Chen (more to Lolita and Uncle!)

#1 | Zaslané: 26 Aug 2022 03:54 | Zmenil/a: Cropper
He held Su Lan's cheek and wiped away her cool tears. But in his eyes, he could not hide his eagerness. Su Lan sobbed and answered, blushing with a small face: Sister, after she saved my brother, she brought us here, and now she locks herself in her room. I, I heard a voice. Intermittent moans, painful, unbearable cries of pain, and sometimes even the suppressed sound of her knocking on the wall could be heard. Only then did Su Yu discover that he had just been lying on the sofa in a shabby house where they were, and that there was a rolling movement coming from the bedroom. Regardless of his paralyzed body, he staggered to the bedroom door and beat the door desperately: Open the door! Li Xin! Open the door! His inexplicable resurrection must have something to do with her abnormal reaction now! The door lock was hit by the tinkling noise, inside the Li Xin laboriously pressed the door, weak way: "Don't come in." One more hour. Give her one more hour and she'll get through it. Deep in her body, there was a heart-rending pain, as if someone was holding a saw, slowly cutting her flesh and bones. It's so ***ing painful. Su Yu clenched his teeth, his eyes gradually turning red: Who told you to save me! Who the hell told you to save me?! From the beginning, he had been blessed by this woman, and now, because of his own fault, he would let her endure such torture. I don't want you to save me! Do you hear me?! It's none of your business if I'm dead! He hit the door, almost roaring. At this moment, Su Yu suddenly felt that he was a waste. Without the Su family and Li Xin, I'm afraid he would have become a zombie. Heartless. Li Xin coughed up a mouthful of blood foam and raised the corners of his mouth helplessly. The action of Su Yu patting the door panel gradually weakened,PET blowing machine, and he slowly slipped down to kneel on the ground against the wooden door. I'm sorry He lowered his head, which was always high, and a drop of crystal tears ran down his cheek and fell on the back of his hand. Excuse me, excuse me. He knew that no matter how many times he said sorry, he could not repay her. He has always been such a stupid person, obviously Li Xin has reminded him to pay attention to the two people, but he foolishly stepped into the trap. Li Xin leaned back against the door and frowned. Su Yu's head was against the door, and the man whose eyes had never been red when his parents died was now crying like a helpless child. The torture of the soul is the most painful. Su Yu thought of his parents and Li Xin. They were all the people who protected him. They all died or were injured because of him. Elder brother Su Lan came over and squatted beside Su Yu. In the future, shall we all listen to our sister? I'm afraid my sister is like my father and mother. They can't afford to leave again. There are no parents who love them in the world, so I don't want to lose Li Xin anymore. Su Yu held Su Lan in his arms, but his eyes were tightly fixed on the door, as if he could penetrate the wood. OK At the same time, liquid bottle filling machine ,juice filling machine, the familiar mechanical tone came from the system: [Strategy character length + 50, current length: 75] Some Gen: This is an important turning point, Su Ao Jiao from now on to become mature. Violent Female Zombie X Ao Jiao Gui Childe [29] Is This a Date (Second Watch) When Li Xin opened the door and came out, he was hugged into his arms by Su Yu. He did not care about her wet body at the moment, as if holding the lost and recovered beloved thing, Li Xin could even feel his slightly trembling body. She sighed: "I'm all right." She patted Su Yu on the shoulder and tried to help him calm down. Who's worried about you? Su Yu clenched his teeth and said insincere words, but refused to relax at all. I'm not sad at all. His voice was a little hoarse, and as he spoke, he buried his face in her shoulder. Li Xin soon noticed a wet feeling on his shoulders, burning and burning through his clothes. This insincere man. Li Xin smiled and hugged his waist tightly, and sure enough, his behavior of saving him was correct, otherwise, he would not be able to see him later, and he would be a little lonely.
Her face was pale, but her eyes were full of warmth. She never regretted her decisions, every world, every choice. Su Lan little pump Niang saw that the front was blocked by Su Yu, so she could only hold Li Xin's back waist and rub it with her hairy head: "Sister, next time Xiaolan will also be hugged." Li Xin freed her hand, rubbed her hair in a mess, and then smiled heartily. She's still happy, isn't she? —————— The three men stopped and walked all the way, and finally arrived in Z city a month later. According to the conventional process, Li Xin and Su Yu were assigned to the house, which was slightly larger. Because Su Lan little pump Niang awakened the power on the road, so they all received a warm welcome. Su Lan's power is somewhat similar to Su Yu's. She can control the water in the human body, which is simply a big killer. Even, she also awakened a ten cubic space, as she later advanced, perhaps will be bigger and bigger. In the end of the world, the strong have the absolute right to speak. They were assigned to the villa area in the center, where supplies were distributed and water was fixed every day, which was already quite a high standard of treatment. Li Xin and Su Yu washed up and prepared to go downtown for a stroll. Su Lan still has to stay in the room to practice her powers. She is just beginning to wake up and is not skilled enough. Z city before doomsday, also calculate go up is the big city of a gleam of, so two people walk all the way, faintly visible former days is flourishing. Su Yu began to hold back his face and walk beside Li Xin, and the whole person was stiff. What happened to you Li Xin looked at him like this and asked curiously. Tut-tut, I almost walk with the same hands and feet. Su Yu shook his head stiffly again, and when he saw that Li Xin was no longer asking, he glanced at her in the dark. When she noticed and looked back at him,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, he immediately withdrew his sight, and then continued to glance at her when Li Xin inexplicably moved away. After repeating many times, Li Xin finally couldn't help it. gzxilinear.com
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