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Rich and powerful family game I: hold the wrong cold big president

#1 | Zaslané: 26 Aug 2022 03:53
Kerr looked at the glass in her hand and smiled to herself. In the smile, shed more tears. Didn't you say no more crying? Didn't you say no more crying? Why did you cry? Kerr wiped the tears from her face, no, she didn't want to cry, she didn't want to cry any more. Hanging a silly smile, hanging a faint tear stain, Keer drank one cup after another. Do not know how long a person sat drinking, do not know how much wine he drank, in the eyes misty, as if to see a figure, sitting opposite her. Kerr smiled at him and continued to raise the cup in his hand to toast him. The man, who seemed to be very easy to talk to, asked the waiter for a glass, poured a full glass of wine, and raised it to her. How interesting You Who are you? You are so kind. Look at such a big Paris. There's no one to accompany me. Uh. Have a drink with me. You What's your name Uh. I When I go back, when I go back.. I will thank you very much. Er, "Keer looked at the person in front of him pointing and gesticulating as she hit her diaphragm." Are you going back? Yang Ning looked quietly at Keer in front of him and asked softly. Go back? Who Who said that? Who says I want.. Uh. I'm going back? Kerr leaned over the table. "No." I'm not going back, I'm not going back.. Don't ask me to go back. I'm not going back. "Why not go back?" "Why.." Why don't you go back? How interesting I'm not going back.. I'm looking for someone.. I want to find the person I love. I offended him,bottle blowing machine, and I put him.. Uh. Scared away.. I want I want to apologize to him. I want to.. Find him. Yang Ning turned his face away and did not let the pain in his heart overflow. It was a long time before he looked at her. "Will you go back if he accepts your apology?" "Accept.." Apologize? Apology accepted? He Do you accept my apology? How could he accept it? How could he.. How is it possible to accept? Kerr fell on the table and there was no sound. Kerr.. Yang Ning stretched out his hand, covered Keer's cold little hand, and held it tightly, as if once he loosened it, he would never find it again. I didn't mean it, I really didn't mean it.. Yang Ning, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I was wrong.. I won't dare next time. I don't dare anymore. Keer lay on the table,CSD filling line, sobbing. Yang Ning held her hand tightly and never let go. Keer cried for a long time, Yang Ning did not say a word, so accompanied her, until she cried tired, until she fell asleep. Then he gently picked her up and walked to his car. The second day he saw her, he knew where she lived, and on such a dark night, he stood downstairs and watched her light go out. Kerr, Kerr, how can I face you? How can I tell you that in a month, I'm going to step into the wedding hall? How can I take my status as a married man to repay the wholehearted love you have given me? How should I treat you? Yang Ning tried desperately to resist the impulse not to look at her, and tried desperately not to think about her any more. Only by staying away from her and not giving her any hope can he stop hurting her and minimize the harm. However, water bottling line ,Beverage packing machine, tonight's sudden meeting, all the emotions hidden in the bottom of my heart, at the moment of seeing her, all collapsed. Tang Keer is the fate of his life, Yang Ning. Chapter 205 the story of Keer (33). When she woke up the next day, Kerr felt thirsty and had a splitting headache. He reached out and touched the alarm clock and brought it to him. This almost didn't scare her away from half her life. My God! It's almost eleven o'clock. How could she sleep so late. It's over. It's over. I'm sure I'll be scolded by the boss. Keer ignored her thirst and headache and got out of bed. As soon as she got up, she saw a note on the bedside table and a cup of steaming tea. Keer took the note and saw the words on it, and her heart woke up in an instant. Drink the hangover tea before you go to work. Don't torture yourself any more.
” Torture? Is she torturing herself? Just want to find their own love, just want to stay in your side, Yang Ning, why do you just refuse to forgive me? Why is that? Really made a mistake, so can not be forgiven? Keer held the paper tightly in her hand, as if she could still feel the temperature under the tip of the pen on the paper, looked at the cup of tea that was still steaming, and all of a sudden, sour feelings welled up in her eyes, just like that, standing in the room, letting tears fall gently.. When people are unlucky, all the bad things come together. Kerr stood in the busy streets of Paris, looking at the passers-by and smiling sadly. It's just late, the damn boss. I can't believe I fired her. She also said that she could not speak French and could not communicate with the guests. God knows, she has made great progress. Don't you understand the names of some dishes? Now, she stroked her stomach and knew that drunkenness was easy to hurt her stomach, but she went to drink without hesitation. With a pale face and a tight pressure on her stomach, Kerr went to one side of the stairs and sat down. Blue, I miss you so much, I want to have you around, I want to hear your voice, and I want to be comforted by you. Blue, am I so bad that I always think of you when I am most vulnerable? Keer trembled and took out her cell phone. The beautiful green was the last color left to her by Yang Ning, just like the color in Keer's heart, from the original red, slowly faded, slowly turned to green. Her stomach was still cramping, and sweat was oozing from Kerr's forehead. She covered her abdomen and squatted down on the ground. Hold the phone tightly in your hand, no, you can't call blue, you can't call. Kerr knew that now, if she heard Blue's voice, she would collapse. Can Kerr? Suddenly there was a sound above her head. Keer looked up and suddenly felt black in front of her eyes. Before she could see the person standing in front of her,PET bottle Mold, she fainted. He Wen turned pale with fright: "Keer?"? Kerr, what's the matter with you? Before she could grab her fallen body, the man on one side dodged and held Keer tightly in his arms. gzxilinear.com
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