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Marlboro Hard Cigerate

#1 | Zaslané: 15 Okt 2020 08:21
The golden outer packaging and golden cigarette holder are all noble, and it is very comfortable to smoke. The elegant aroma and faint herbal fragrance are delicate and long. Although the smoke is lighter, the feeling of this thin cigarette in the house smoke is still good, many women are Like to smoke it Wholesale Cigarettes. A classic work in cigarettes, its smooth smoke is full, and the cigarette feels like it melts in the mouth for a few seconds, very comfortable. People who have smoked it say it is easy to smoke, and it is a cheap cigarette that is rarely criticized mokingusacigarettes.com. Take out the cigarette, the jasper is transparent, the gold is surrounded by the letter and the circle pattern, supplemented by the hollow filter rod and the original functional incense-carrying cigarette paper, which integrates appearance and function. Turn on the flash of the mobile phone and aim at the filter. A magical scene appeared. The upper part of the filter showed a verdant and ethereal jasper texture, and the dark lines became transparent. Thanks to the laser tipping paper technology used in the filter rod, it can be played before the taste. Open the lid, a faint smoke scent hits, which is the smell of tobacco itself. It is not strong, but very pure. Open the inner liner that is divided into two separate packets, the aroma becomes strong, and the aroma is refined. The sense is clear: first is the pure tobacco fragrance, and then a mellow flavor permeates, which makes people intoxicated. When the mellow fragrance gradually disappears, the fragrance of pine appears like a chestnut with a little pine wood. It is clear, coordinated, and distinct, showing the level of a top cigarette product. Take out a cigarette and let it stand for 24 hours in a dry and hot environment with an indoor temperature of 22 degrees and a humidity of 23% in Beijing. And there is no obvious change in the aroma of the cigarettes placed alone, indicating that the aroma presented by "Yuxi (double middle branch jade)" is derived from the original tobacco after microbial fermentation, the fragrance is more durable and the quality is more stable. Try to lighten the cigarette, first Slowly inhale, an authentic fragrance slowly spreads out in the mouth, the smoke is soft and mellow, and the smell is pure and clean. You can immediately feel that this is the typical "Yuxi" fragrance characteristic, the smoke is in Stay in the mouth for three seconds, slowly raise the lips to exhale smoke, and at the same time let a part of the smoke erupt from the nostrils, the nasal cavity is saturated with smoke, fresh and elegant, soothing and slightly moist, the original fragrance of tobacco is indifferent. After the exhalation is finished, it is fine. Fine aftertaste, the aroma remaining in the mouth gradually unfolds and becomes more intense, with a warm and jade aroma looming. When the aftertaste in the mouth is clean and natural, continue to inhale, the smoke is full, the clustering is moderate, the smoke flips and slips into the nasal cavity, smoke The smell is very soft. When the smoke comes out, you can sniff the smoke through your nose. The smoke is smooth and soft, and the exhaled smoke is refreshing and pure, with a pure tobacco flavor. Then carefully smell the smoke produced by the spontaneous combustion of the cigarette, and the tobacco burns. The taste produced afterwards is not irritating, not spicy, and non-irritating. The third mouth, the mouth enters the nose, carries out a small cycle, the entrance is comfortable and smooth, the smoke is as soft as silk, the nose is not irritating, the smoke is soft and smooth, and the smoke is fragrant Pure and delicate, I feel that the smoke has obviously inherited the "fresh fragrance" style, pure and comfortable to eat Newport 100S.
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Marlboro Hard Cigerate
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