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Outside the window

#1 | Zaslané: 24 Júl 2019 09:25
Outside the window, the rain kept going; in the window, I wrote the pen alone, leaving a rainy season. There is no known cry, it seems that the rain took away those hot, washed away the dust accumulated on the asphalt road, but also let the sound of flowers bloom in the rain for a long time. The string of pink wind chimes hanging outside the window swayed joyfully in the rain, knocking out the crisp sound, so that the heat of the late summer was shattered, like a piece of memory scattered around the ground. There is no time to rush the gears, and there is no acceleration of the heart rhythm <a href="http://www.webvipsmoking.com/">Online Cigarettes</a>. Only the beautiful process of flower blossoms is written under the window sill. Is it blooming in the rainy season, so the color is brighter and brighter. Let the bright rain of your eyes bring ying that Zhuge Liang is too hardworking, saying Sima Yi is too capable. But we rarely say ourselves. Rarely listen to others while listening to their shortcomings. It is often not that others are stupid. It is really that we don��t understand ourselves and we don��t know the world. Last time, people in the group said a story <a href="http://www.salesmoking.com/">Newport Cigarettes Coupons</a>. He said that after many people got the programmer's program, they all said that your software has problems. The first reaction that the programmer hears is that your computer system. No, you fool doesn't know how to operate. But when some people say that if they get the software, this software is more advanced than before, I can't operate it. At this time, the programmer often thinks, is finished, is not careless, let the software have a problem. The same problem, different sayings have different results. So many times we really shouldn't be the first time to say that someone else is wrong. There is no absolute right in the world, and there is no absolute wrong. Everything has a good side and a bad side. The key is that we have done a good job. In fact, many times our experience is not enough, it is too one-sided. Standing tall, higher than others, can also see the overall situation, so we must talk less about others, do more things, things to do, needless to say, others will help us publicize.
you to the beginning of another season, and also sent away the ending of this season. I have covered a flowery path for the arrival of this fall. Long, but with the tranquility of every inch of land. After the rain baptism, the grass color is more and more green, with the fragrance, distributed in front of my window, so that all the unpleasantness in the room is scattered <a href="http://www.cigarettesusastore.com/">Newport 100S</a>, no longer exists. Then, I opened the glass window and let the raindrops splash into the amber bookshelf in the window, slowly wetting every word on the paper, like a memoir in the decoration season <a href="http://www.vipusacigarettes.com/">Cigarettes For Sale</a>. Listen, the flowers have been quietly blooming, blooming in this beautiful rainy season, no fascinating colors, no flamboyant foliage, only quietly in this rainy season to leave a sound for the flowers, a sweet whisper with a smile. Flowers bloom in this season, so the flowers are extraordinarily aura. Because, the flower decoration is this rainy season is all boring <a href="http://www.cigarettesusastore.com/">Cheap Cigarettes</a>. Let this early autumn become more beautiful, let people fall in love with the autumn days, empty. The autumn wind is cool. Everything in the fall is back. I would like to hold the flower buds of this season and bloom alone.
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