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Dark Fragrance and Thin Shadow (Willow BG)

#1 | Zaslané: 26 Aug 2022 04:13
Time is passing away under such a sitcom that keeps opening and closing day by day. Finally, the "only" day of the show arrived. Have you really decided not to go up? In the secret base, Liu took Shuyin's shoulder and sat side by side with her on the bushes. Shu Yin pulled his hand and looked at the fingernail to hide his bewilderment. I don't go up, no matter what, Fujido Shuyin is just Fujido Shuyin in school, and will never become the'only 'lead singer! Light tone, but not as firm as ever. Liu sighed in the bottom of his heart, the book Yin's concerns, he did not know, so, just did not say anything, try not to let her feel the pressure from all sides. However, Shu Yin is so clear about the two kinds of life, but he does not know whether this is fortunate or unfortunate. If so, Ye Nanshan's predecessors should be very disappointed! The willow seems to mention a sentence unintentionally. Shu Yin glanced at him lightly and did not comment. I have told them that I will not go on stage, if they insist on performing here, then Ye Nanshan is ready to work part-time as the lead singer! It is precisely because they are partners who have come together, so the book Yin feels that Ye Nanshan, they should be able to understand themselves, should be able to understand her helplessness! However, he only dropped a sentence that he needed to grow up, so he left. The file you downloaded is provided free of charge by the w w w. 2 7 t X t. C o m! More good novels! What is this? "Shu Yin, partners are used to believe!" Liu said such a sentence,Inflatable outdoor park, the other, did not say more, he knew, smart as the book Yin, will hear the deep meaning of his words. Shu Yin frowned and lowered his head, thinking about Liu's words. Liu patted Shu Yin on the head, stood up, pulled her up, and walked to the school auditorium. At this time,inflatable air dancer, Shu Yin, completely immersed in his own thoughts, did not realize that Liu held her hand on the way from the secret base to the auditorium, and did not let go, and such a scene has been reflected in the eyes of many people. Including, Liu Sheng.. In the school auditorium, the instruments used by the band had already been placed, the lights were still bright, and the performance time had not yet begun. Liu took the book Yin to sit in a corner, he knew the book Yin awkward state of mind, so sat in this unremarkable place. The lights on the stage gradually faded, and Shu Yin knew that Ye Nanshan and others were about to appear. Finally, in a burst of noisy cheers, the curtain opened. Shu Yin looked at the "only" member, Ye Nanshan, Xu Jie, inflatable amusement park ,Jumping castle with slide, Le Shi, Xie Zhengchao appeared one after another. They waved to the people in the audience, and they looked like big stars full of style! "Potato chips are really ostentatious!" Shuyin muttered in a small voice, which was heard by Liu. He touched Shuyin's head and looked at her in a funny way. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Shu Yin asked in puzzlement. Look at your duplicity! Liu naturally received, "in fact, you want to stand on it like them!" "No!" Shu Yin denied it loudly! As a result, because she suddenly raised the tone, the voice was too loud, immediately attracted the baptism of dozens of eyes around, the book Yin nervous and embarrassed immediately lowered his head, dare not let people see, afraid of being recognized, now she is still a little conscious and sense of crisis, know that the person sitting next to her is Liu, is the big man who swept the whole sea! Those people's eyes swept over the willow, swept over the sea-blue head of Shuyin, and finally glanced at the willow with a strange glance, and all turned their heads away. Liu smiled bitterly in the bottom of his heart, and it seemed that he was considered to be the one who deliberately screamed and pretended to be a woman. She patted Shuyin on the head, indicating that she was all right. After Shuyin closed the ostrich mode, Liu looked at the posture of Shuyin's helpless little daughter's home, and all the unhappiness that had just been scanned by those eyes disappeared. At this time, the "only" stood on the stage, but did not start performing. The headmaster looked tense on one side, and his face was not very good.
"I invite you to perform, that is, the whole team is indispensable, but you lack a home court, how can this continue?" The headmaster was very angry in the audience, but deliberately lowered his voice. Ye Nanshan also stood under the stage, facing the headmaster's slightly acerbic face, laughing coldly in his heart, but quietly on his face. Headmaster, we are the only one, so our lead singer will come. Answer calmly and unhurriedly. What I want is a real performance, not the empty and meaningless answer you are giving me now! Excited, the principal's decimal point flying everywhere, splashed on the skin of Ye Nanshan, a cold. However, the heart is warm, looking up at the dark corner where only the outline of a person can be seen, the corners of the mouth raised a smile. Na, Shu Yin, we all believe in you! Believe that you will not abandon us, believe that you will stand side by side with us on the stage, believe that you will share the joy of dreams with us! So, Shuyin, our hearts are always warm, because we always believe. Ignoring the headmaster's bad temper, Ye Nanshan jumped onto the stage and picked up the guitar standing next to him. The handsome action immediately caused the girls in the auditorium to scream. This guy, actually started to play handsome, took away all my patents! Xie Zhengchao hooked his lips and joked. Hey hey,Inflatable bouncer, playing handsome is not your patent, oh, I will also ah! Le Shi reminded one side. You guy! Xie Zhengchao spat secretly. Ye Nanshan picked up the microphone on the standing microphone and let his voice be transmitted to the ears of everyone in the audience. joyshineinflatables.com
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