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Start from scratch

#1 | Zaslané: 26 Aug 2022 04:12
"You don't understand that?" Pointing to the rest room next to me, I motioned for everyone to go in first and wait for those people to discuss slowly. At the same time, I explained, "Think about it yourself. The situation is very clear now.". Now that the Anglo-French guilds have come to negotiate, it means that they are at the end of their tether. Originally, this battle had nothing to do with them. The gambling was started by themselves. If they didn't win the bet, they would take part in the war. Now they find that they can't win and come to negotiate again. This is equivalent to touching their own faces with shit. If the Anglo-French guild had a backbone. Shouldn't have gotten involved in the first place. It is understandable that the purpose of gambling is to make money, but if you lose the bet, you will go to war, which is already a spineless performance. The dealer's own next game, this move has lost their face and credibility. If this can be regarded as a temporary struggle, then this time they come to negotiate with us, it is absolutely the behavior of self-esteem as bullshit. They have already torn their faces, but they still have the nerve to come to negotiate. Such behavior can only be done by a completely spineless group. So it's certain that they are spineless. Even if I am tough this time, they will not stand up and fight with us. But you shouldn't risk it! In case they..! First, there is no chance. I expect the plan to be 100%, and there will never be a chance. Second, Rose and I just went online, and we don't know anything about the specific situation, so we need to communicate with you first. Said to give them half an hour to consider, in fact, I need time to understand the situation. Thirdly, since their behavior is actually begging with their tails wagging, there is no need to give them names. Beggars should have the appearance of beggars,x60 line pipe, to put on a pitiful look to beg sincerely, as to whether they are willing to give alms, that is our business. You guys are so bad. If I hadn't shown up in time, it seems that you were going to finalize the result with them. The whole negotiation is completely guided by the other side, and you are talking about business with them. The advantage of this kind of thing is in our hands. What should we discuss with him? Lay out the conditions, promise to promise, do not promise us to leave the negotiating table and continue on the battlefield. Rose also helped me by saying, "The key point of negotiation is to highlight one's own strengths and find out the weaknesses of the other side, always press the other side to talk, and control all the topics in one's own hands.". Now these Anglo-French guilds have no advantage at all, and you don't have to be polite to them at all. "Well, that's the situation for now.". Fortunately, we came back in time to stop things. You can tell me the situation now. Half an hour later I went back to continue to press them to talk, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x70 line pipe, and this time I wouldn't call them Purple Sun if I didn't squeeze their bones dry. Volume 11, Chapter 94. Mobile E-book · Feiku Net Update Time: June 9, 2007 9:09:00 Number of Words in this Chapter: 3105 Under my constant inquiry, the Red Moon finally made the current situation clear. After Rose and I left, all the people in our guild were still carrying out the original plan step by step. Not long ago, the battle took a clear turn, and the main reason was the other side's own. The Anglo-French guilds, who had always insisted on clearing the perimeter before concentrating on attacking key cities, suddenly changed their tactics and turned their attention to a large city of the Iron Crusade. Unlike the small cities that give up voluntarily, in our plan, the big cities are all defended by the misty warm-blooded alliance. From the beginning of the battle to the present, it can be said that the warm-blooded alliance has not directly participated in the battle, and they naturally fought very fiercely in the first battle. Although under the absolute numerical disadvantage, the warm-blooded alliance still failed to hold the city, but the stubborn resistance made the Anglo-French guild suffer a lot. Now that they had spent so much money this time, the British and French guilds naturally attached great importance to it, and they even invited real military personnel to help analyze the deadly results. The real military personnel told the Anglo-French Guild that if all the big cities of the Iron Crusade could guarantee this level of defense, the strength of their legions would be completely ineffective if they took three to five more cities at most.
This is still not considering the problem of time, because those military experts have clearly told them that with our mopping-up speed, the war will be over in ten hours at most. Even if the Anglo-French Allied Forces can finish all the cities of the Iron Crusade, it will take at least more than one hundred hours, which is impossible in time. In any case, the military experts analyzed and analyzed the result that the Anglo-French guild was bound to lose. Even if there is a miracle, it can't be saved. The experts told the leaders of the Anglo-French guild that if they had been able to divide their forces and fight with each other at the beginning of the war, and had a decent command, there might have been a chance to win, but now, the gods could not be saved. The British and French leaders did not want to divide their forces. But such an infighting interest group, once separated, is not their own selection committee, how many people can really seriously fight? So they are also very helpless. Although there is no hope of victory, these military experts have made some suggestions. The main content of the proposal is to control the action of Isengard, and the balance of the whole battlefield is offset by Isengard's too sharp blow. Military experts say that Isengard's attack power is like nuclear weapons, but there is no weapon in the game that can restrain Isengard's power. We don't even have the same level of weapons to deter each other. The current international community has built a strategic balance with nuclear deterrence. However, in the game, only our guild has this super weapon that is no less than nuclear weapons, while other guilds are completely powerless to do anything about it. Such an unbalanced war is completely impossible to win. Therefore, the opinion of military experts is to hold Isengard off at all costs, and only in this way can there be any hope of victory. The proposal was adopted, but it was not carried out as it was. The militarists were militarists,x52 line pipe, and they were not at all like the heads of these Anglo-French guilds. These leaders are businessmen rather than soldiers, and the basic starting point of doing things is different. The goal of a soldier is to win a battle or achieve a certain tactical goal, but the goal of a businessman is only two words'benefit '. lksteelpipe.com
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