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Burning love and official career

#1 | Zaslané: 26 Aug 2022 04:11
Sure enough, I saw some subtle changes in Zhao Desan's expression. Indeed, I heard He Liping say so. This is exactly what Zhao Desan expected. As long as the candidates are reported again, only he and Xia Jian are most likely. He Liping must be on her side. If there is no accident, she will take back the position of deputy director. Think of this, Zhao Desan's heart is a little happy, the joy of the mood slightly overflowing, the expression of nature has some subtle changes, but still appears to be very surprised to open his mouth: "No?"? Isn't it necessary to take so much trouble to appoint a deputy director? Sister He, your appointment of deputy office-level cadres doesn't seem to be so troublesome. Zhao Desan was very clear about the whole process of He Liping stepping directly from the Municipal Construction Committee to the position of deputy director of the Provincial Construction Committee. He knew that there were also irregularities in her appointment process and deliberately dragged her into it. Because he now understood that He Liping must have suspected that Zheng Ru's story posted on the Internet was planned by himself. In order to ensure that his secret plan was not exposed, he used the second half of this sentence to imply that He Liping's promotion and appointment also had irregularities. Zhao Desan's fierce He Liping had already learned from the first day he came here, and the second half of his words made her hear clearly that he was speaking to herself. Because Zhao Desan had the relationship with Su Qing, the head of the organization department, He Liping felt that he should be clear about the personnel transfer. In this way,316ti stainless steel, she could not help being afraid of this smelly boy. However, she did not want to be played by a low little man. She smiled softly and looked at him with strange eyes and said, "Xiao Zhao, you really guessed right about this." As soon as it's in the newspaper now, it's possible that there will be a turn for the better. Are you a fortune-teller? How can you guess so accurately? Although He Liping's words are not very straightforward,uns s32750 sheet, they are enough for Zhao Desan to understand. I'm guessing. Zhao Desan scratched his head and said modestly. How dare you really guess if you can guess so accurately? He Liping looked at his eyes with strange eyes, his tone was somewhat frivolous, and it was clear that he had doubts about Zhao Desan. Granny! Do you want to force me to tell the truth? Zhao De Sanxin said, but even if He Liping knew that the whole incident was planned by him, he was not afraid of He Liping to inform Zheng Bald Donkey to expose himself, because he understood that He Liping was an ambitious woman, she wanted to sit in the position of a leader, she could not do without her own assistance, but also with her special close relationship. I'm afraid He Liping doesn't want to be pressed out, does she? After thinking about it, 321 stainless steel sheet ,x52 line pipe, Zhao Desan said with a smile, "Sister He, why do I think there is something in your words?" He Liping saw that Zhao Desan understood what she meant. She leaned back in her chair and smiled. She glanced at her beautiful eyes and asked lightly, "Do you have any?"? Then let's say there is. "Sister He, do you suspect that I put Zheng Ru on the Internet?" Zhao Desan simply cut to the point, saying that he stepped forward and bent his hands over her desk, staring at her eyes. He Liping was puzzled by his eyes. She squinted and denied, "I didn't say you put it on the Internet!" Zhao Desan said with a straight face: "Sister He, in fact, you guessed right, but only half right. I didn't post it on the Internet, but I knew from the beginning that someone would post it on the Internet. As for who posted it, you can consider who complained most about it at the time of appointment. Sister He, you are a smart person and should be able to guess." He Liping looked at Zhao's eyes, and her brain began to turn quickly. She soon understood and asked, "Are you saying that Xiaoxia posted this on the Internet?" "I didn't say that, Sister He. You guessed it yourself." Zhao Desan said mysteriously, because at this time he suddenly thought that Ah Fang was still pregnant, if once Zheng Bald Donkey knew that Xia Jian was the "culprit" of this matter, he had no relationship and backing, the old guy would definitely make him half dead. Zhao Desan is a man who cherishes beauty and cherishes jade. Considering Ah Fang, he decided to let Xia Jian go temporarily and did not give him up directly.
"Is that him or not?" He Liping asked eagerly, as if she wanted to know who had posted it on the Internet, so that it caused such a big storm that she was a little worried that her promotion irregularities would also be exposed on the Internet. No Considering Ah Fang, Zhao Desan relented and spared Xia Jian from death. He Liping did not understand. She looked at him confusedly and asked, "Who is that?" "Sister He, does it have much to do with you who posted it on the Internet?" Zhao Desan saw that she was so eager to know, so he asked in reply. Zhao Desan's rhetorical question was like throwing out a killer's mace. He Liping was speechless all of a sudden, because Zheng Ru's story was posted on the Internet and it really didn't seem to have much to do with her. She was so thorough that Zhao Desan had no idea. No I am to ask casually, just these two days the thing of the unit is exposed on the net, as deputy director, I also need to understand. He Liping posed as a deputy director and made excuses for herself. Zhao Desan grinned softly and looked at He Liping with the eyes of a thief and said, "Sister He,uns s32760 plate, this matter actually has a lot to do with you. If this matter is involved by the province, then Director Zheng will certainly not be involved. Maybe he will be investigated. Then Sister He, you will have an opportunity to take advantage of it." 。 lksteelpipe.com
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