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Market Development Status and Forecast of China's Titanium Tube Industry in 2020 _ Production

#1 | Zaslané: 24 Aug 2022 10:13
Original Title: Market Development Status and Forecast of China's Titanium Tube Industry in 2020 According to the Report on In-depth Research and Development Trend Forecast of China's Titanium Pipe Industry in 2020-2025 released by Stumpage Information Consulting, from the perspective of the current situation of titanium and titanium alloy pipe production technology, large companies engaged in titanium product production in the world have their own emphasis according to their respective technical level and equipment. However, there is almost no difference in titanium pipe production enterprises in China. Although the welded pipe factories in China have been put into production one after another and the output of welded pipes has increased year by year, the main domestic pipe manufacturers still mainly produce seamless pipes, and the market application is mainly seamless pipes. At present,ti6al4v, the average annual output of titanium processing materials in China has reached 50000 tons, of which the demand for titanium tubes is relatively stable. Because that performance of pure titanium is similar to that of common steel, the production proces of titanium pipe is similar to that of steel pipe to a great extent. The application of titanium pipe has been mainly to replace steel pipe,titanium plate gr7, but the application of titanium pipe has been constrained by the cost. In recent years, with the change of market and the increase of titanium manufacturers, the price of titanium tubes has gradually declined, and the economic applicability of titanium tubes has been gradually recognized, which makes the application of tubes further expanded. Although the processing technology of titanium alloy seamless pipe is relatively mature, titanium tubing price ,titanium sheet grade 5, due to the limitation of existing equipment, the main material of titanium pipe is low strength, low alloying pure titanium, titanium molybdenum nickel and other medium and low strength titanium pipe, and the processing technology is still mainly cold rolling. The production of medium and high strength titanium alloy tubes, such as Ti6Al4V tubes, requires the use of warm rolling technology, that is, the installation of induction heating devices on the tube rolling mill. It can be seen that in the production of titanium seamless pipes in the future, with the large-scale equipment, the gradual improvement of auxiliary equipment and the continuous optimization of technology, large-sized seamless pipes and some alloy pipes will be produced in batches and widely used. The existing titanium seamless pipe production process is mature and the product supply is stable. However, it is difficult to produce titanium seamless pipes with special requirements, such as titanium and titanium alloy thin-walled pipes, ultra-long titanium pipes with a length of more than 14 m, etc. In addition, the production of titanium seamless tubes requires many tools and grinding tools, and the equipment is complex,titanium filler rod, resulting in limited production capacity and long production cycle of manufacturers, which can not meet the market demand for thin-walled tubes, ultra-long tubes and low-cost tubes. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com
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