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Thriller Paradise

#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:39
Simon looked down at Mr. You and said, "Who gave you permission to bring them to the death quiz?"? You're not going to go on with this program, are you? "Well.." It's just a virtual projection, and they won't really die. Mr. You seemed to want to explain. What did you want to do just now? Simon asked. That Woody guy fouled first! He let the seal unconsciously enter the thunderbolt world in a dozen levels, and easily got the psionic weapon. Mr. You defended directly. What do you mean.. You are correcting the results of some violations for me. Simon asked. Mr. You's face was white. He knew that there was an extremely dangerous trap hidden in this sentence. If he answered "yes", the implication was that he was exercising the power of the referee. With Simon's character, as long as he was given a tenable reason, let alone a demigod, he dared to kill a true God. Nope "I never meant that," said Mr. You. "You gave him 1,000 skill points, and then you took away his psionic weapon, and you thought you could take care of it?" Simon said,tile trim manufacturers, "What do you think Woody would do if he knew what you were doing?" "Uh.." Mr. You was at a loss for words. Simon said coldly, "He will not hesitate to throw the guy you bet on into the territory of the first-level derivative and beat his strength back by about ten levels." "But.." But What else does Mr. You want to say? There's nothing wrong with getting a psionic weapon. With his strength, he doesn't need to wait until level 30 or so to get it. This is my judgment as a referee. Simon said, "From this moment on, it's time for you guys to stop playing games." "I've fixed the system,aluminum tile edge trim," he snorted coldly. "The back door left by Woody is gone. You can't intervene again, even for a second." Simon said, walking to the main camera, which was fixed on the stage. He stood in front of the camera, his eyes as cold as a blade: "The gambling game has just begun. If anyone dares to put his hand on the table again, I will cut off his hand." (To be continued). Volume I, Chapter 125 "Is your hand all right?" Feng asked unconsciously. Ha? Of course it's all right. Even if there is, it's something in the game. Little sighed back, "Brother Jue, aluminum tile trim ,tile trim factory, you didn't call just to ask me that, did you?"? I'm still on duty. 13800100. It was the afternoon of the second day, and Feng unconsciously talked to Xiao Tan at home. O.. Of course not. I'm just asking. The seal unconsciously immediately starts to say the matter: "Is this." Today, I went out and talked with the editor about a cooperation that had nothing to do with writing. "What o?" "This Saturday, the day after tomorrow.". I want to go to the TV station to record a program. The traffic there is not convenient. You should have a rest that day. How about being a driver for me? Feng didn't know it. O ah? Small Sigh is stupefied first, cry greatly next: "O Ah?" "Are you a thousand?" The tone of his voice was quite normal. "Did you eat the Petri dish as jelly when you were distracted?" "You're finally going to be on TV."! Is this going to be a fire? Xiao Tan asked excitedly. No "Ah, you can finally make money lying down in the future." "You seem to be saying that I'm going to work in another industry." "I mean, you can finally rest on your royalties like those great writers." I son, need not every month all tangle ground code word o a. "So I said'no '." "Nothing will change," said Feng. "You think too much." Small sigh was so excited that he completely ignored Feng's denial. He asked again, "That's right!"! What program is it? Brother Jue. "I'm a writer." He replied calmly. O ah? I know. I mean, what show are you on? "I'm a writer." Feng repeated it unconsciously. Ha Xiao Tan seems to have short-circuited again. "Ah.." "That program is called 'I am a writer', and it is a variety show in which the contestants are eliminated by PK," Feng said with a deep sigh. "Oh?"? Who else is going to attend besides you? Said with a sigh. Not knowing is not a bird.
"Feng unconsciously replied.". Sighing, thumping the table and laughing: "Ha ha ha … …" Brother Jue, you are really domineering. "I don't know if it's because the information of other players is confidential." "It's not a bird," said Feng unconsciously. "It's useless to be a bird. I hope to have a round of swimming and be eliminated immediately, so as not to go again. "Don't introduce o!"! A rare opportunity to be on TV. "I don't like to appear in many occasions, and I don't want to leave too many video materials.." "It's really because the appearance fee is quite high," Feng said. I just.. "Brother Jue, did you tell Bao Dajin?" Said with a sigh. No, anyway, if I say it, you will call him, so you can say it. After a pause, Feng said, "Let me emphasize that you can talk to Bao Dajin about this. Don't talk nonsense everywhere." "How could it be?" Small sigh raised the tone of voice to reply. I remember when my first book was published, even the owner of the fruit shop five or six blocks away from your house knew about it. Feng didn't know it. Ha Ha-ha "That." "Then.." It's a deal. You drive me there at noon on Saturday, and then you're done. Because I don't know when to record it, I'll go back by myself after it's over. Anyway, I still have money in my traffic card. Feng didn't know it. Can I go into the scene? Asked the little sigh. No way "Really.." "No." "Okay." Small sigh disappointedly tunnel: "When does that program broadcast?" "I don't know." "Forget it,aluminium edge trim, I'll check it on the Internet myself." "You go on duty." We'll talk in the evening. The seal kept a weak tone from beginning to end. All right, bye. "Goodbye." After the phone hung up, Feng unconsciously sighed deeply again: "Well … …" I can only pray that enough is enough for this boy. Two hours later.. There's a knock at the door. jecatrims.com
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