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#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:38
Until the first class, no teacher could come out of the office. The door of the office of the grade department was blocked by parents. Even outside the window, there were seven or eight aggressive parents of students. The whole No.1 Middle School was in a mess, especially in the third grade of senior high school. There was no teacher in class. In addition, parents made trouble in the office of the third grade of senior high school. The bad students all slipped out of the class and peeped around the office. Li Nan could not restrain her curiosity and slipped out to have a look. When she came back, she said to Zhang Wenhao happily, "Wenhao, hurry up and have a look. It's really ***ing interesting. The headmaster's glasses have been trampled by the parents of the students. Now they are surrounded inside and are not allowed to come out. They are not even allowed to make phone calls. This is really interesting." Zhang Wenhao is not very interested in this, there is no teacher in class, there is no impact on him, all the courses in high school have been taught, the rest of the time is to review and mock exams, he has mastered all the knowledge points, even if he does not read any books from now on, he can definitely get a good result in the college entrance examination. It was not until the end of the first class that a teacher in the second grade of senior high school found that the situation was out of control that he secretly reported to jjng. In fact, the principal did not want to solve the problem of parents through jjng. After all, it was the school's mistake to treat students differently so openly, just like making racist remarks publicly, it would be criticized by the whole public opinion. No one wants things to end up like that. Dozens of jjng inspectors came one after another, which brought the situation at the scene under control for the time being. Under the coordination of jjng inspectors, the headmaster was afraid that things would be difficult to calm down, so he made a promise in public that he would give the parents of the students a satisfactory answer within 24 hours. Only then did the student's parents temporarily let the school go, but before the end of the show, a student's parents told the principal on behalf of jjng: "If it is not resolved within 24 hours,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, we will come to the school to seek justice from you!"! When the time comes, let alone jjngcha, even if the mayor comes, we will never give in! As soon as the parents of the students left, the principal announced that all the substitute teachers would resume classes and all the head teachers would hold a meeting to discuss the solution to the problem. At the meeting, twenty-one of the twenty-two head teachers agreed to cancel the division of classes, thoroughly solve the root cause of parents'disturbances, disband the students of Class 21 and Class 22, and return to where the students came from, but only Song Yanni, the head teacher of Class 21, firmly disagreed! In Song Yanni's view, ceramic bobbin heater ,7g Ozone Generator, this class is an excellent start of his career, for no other reason, because of the existence of Zhang Wenhao in this class. A trainee teacher, if he can bring out a top student in the college entrance examination, this honor is enough to make his career proud of it. Now because the parents of the students come to make trouble, they will disband their class. Will all come to naught! However, Song Yanni as an intern teacher, in this grade department status, it is too low, she not only does not have any decision-making power, even her words, no one will pay attention to. The headmaster is not willing to take care of Song Yanni's attitude. Now he is in great trouble. If this matter cannot be resolved, the parents of these students will make trouble again. If the media and the Education Commission are alarmed, he will be the first person to be punished. He is not willing to make fun of his future.
Immediately, the headmaster angrily rebuked the grade director of the third grade of senior high school, believing that it was the class division policy he had mentioned to himself that had caused such a big trouble. The head of the grade department was scolded by the headmaster and could not even lift his head. The headmaster immediately waved his big hand and said: "Before tonight, you go door to door to apologize to every parent!"! And personally promised every parent that from tomorrow, the students of Class 21 and Class 22 will return to their original classes! Class 21 and Class 22 will be abolished! "Headmaster!" As soon as the anxious Song Yanni wanted to speak, she was rudely interrupted by the headmaster: "In front of the reputation of the school, everything else can be ignored. After the meeting with the head teacher of Class 22, you go to your class and announce the dissolution decision to the students!" Chapter 64 doubt In front of the reputation of the school and the headmaster's career, Song Yanni's opposition was extremely weak. Song Yanni herself knew that since the school had issued an order to disband Class 21, she had no way to stop it. Seeing that the fruits of her upcoming harvest were taken away by the school, Song Yanni could only choose to break her teeth and swallow them in her stomach. Walking on the way to Class 21, Song Yanni was somewhat out of her mind. It felt like she had won a big prize and was found to be a dream. The ups and downs, the original excitement, the original ambition, were completely scattered in this moment. The rest was just the sadness and helplessness of waking up from a dream. I have such a good life after all. Song Yanni muttered to herself, shook her head, and comforted herself in her heart: "Sometimes there must be something in life, and there is no time to force it in life." Stepping into Class 21, the students stared at Song Yanni, hoping to know from her what kind of way the school would use to deal with so many angry parents. Song Yanni stood on the platform, sighed slightly and said, "Students, from tomorrow, you will return to your previous classes. Today is the last day of the existence of Class 21. I hope that the time you spent in Class 21 during this period will become a happy memory for everyone." This sentence completely exploded in the class. For the students of Class 21, Song Yanni is very popular among the students. Apart from Zhang Wenhao, she is very kind to any other students. She never wears glasses to see people. She has full patience and tolerance for every student. This is a courtesy that has never been received by the students of Class 21. Like Zhang Wenhao,cordierite c520, they were looked down upon by the head teacher in their respective classes before. In the eyes of the head teacher, they were the black sheep. Everyone's campus life was very suffocating. It was not easy for them to find themselves in Class 21 and get respect. But in a few days, everything would return to its original shape. global-ceramics.com
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