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Blood Tie Dead Soul-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:35
With a scream, Lin Yun clapped his palms and attacked the Second Villa Leader, but at the same time, he flew into the Third Villa Leader. The second Villa Leader's body was blocked in the middle, and the third Villa Leader threw the rat to avoid the weapon and turned sideways to avoid it. Same time Miserably called Chestnut Ear, Gan Tang was shocked by the palm of the Villa Leader and fell ten feet away. Lin Yun hissed, "Hello.." Two or three Villa Leaders raised their hands at the same time, threw two bright daggers, and shot at Gan Tang on the ground. Lin Yun happened to jump in front of Gan Tang at this time. Two or three dead souls of the Villa Leader all came out, and they all gave a cry of surprise. As soon as the Villa Leader saw that the situation was dangerous, a sudden wind of palm shook a dagger on the left. "Ah!" Miserable hum clip exclaimed with all hair, right side a handle flying dagger, straight in Lin Yun shoulder on the back. Had it not been for this block, Gan Tang would have been shot in the center of his heart by a flying dagger. Logically, the flying dagger could not hurt Lin Yun in any case, because he was concentrating on the life and death of Gan Tang, his eyes and ears were out of order, and he was caught off guard. At the same time, he did not expect that the two cousins would come to this hand. Blood, wet the latter half of the gown, and then drip to the ground. For a moment, the three Villa Leaders were at a loss. They stayed on the spot, and the expressions on their faces were hard to see. Lin Yun gritted his teeth and sneered repeatedly. Although Gan Tang was too hurt to move, he could see all this clearly. "Why are you doing this to me, Brother Lin?" He said in a dumb voice. Lin Yun, regardless of the hatred between the two sides, sacrificed his life to protect him. This friendship is unforgettable. Right now A gray shadow, swept out from the side of the forest,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, like a meteor in the sky, disappeared with the syncline. On the ground, lost the trace of Gan Tang. After the Villa Leader was stunned, Qi Qi jumped after him. With a look of regret on his face, the Second Villa Leader turned to Lin Yun and said, "Foolish cousin, I'm here.." "Get out!" With a cry of hatred, Lin Yun reached out his hand and pulled out the dagger on his back. A bloody arrow followed him. The pain made his face as white as paper. Beads of sweat as big as beans rolled down. He gritted his teeth, touched the acupoint, stopped the blood flow,Ceramic Band Heater, and hobbled to the door of the house. With a mournful face, the Second Villa Leader followed Yaoyao. Gan Tang was caught in the shadow of the sudden figure, ran all the way, dazed for an unknown length of time, came to a dilapidated land temple, was placed on a pile of soft straw. Young Lord, forgive your carelessness. It's too late to answer. Why doesn't Young Lord release the signal of the black pill? When Gan Tang heard this, he opened his eyes, and standing in front of him was Pan Jiuniang, the head of the "Tianwei Courtyard". He took a deep breath, attacked his heart against the blood, and fainted again. By the time she woke up, it was already night, and the chilly moonlight was seeping through the leaky edge of the roof. Pan Jiuniang did not know where to get a pot of tea, a cake, and half a chicken. She said sincerely, "Young Lord, please feel free to use some to satisfy your hunger!" Gan Tang sat up, only to find that his right arm was tightly tied by three pieces of wood, ceramic bobbin heater core ,Ceramic Bobbin, has been able to rotate slightly, internal injuries seem to have been alleviated a lot, of course, this is Pan Jiuniang's cooking. After eating the chicken cake and drinking a few mouthfuls of tea, he took out the last "Huisheng Pill" from his bosom and swallowed it, saying, "Lord Pan Xiang, I need to practice. This is.." "Absolutely safe!" "All right!" At that moment, sit cross-legged and hang down the curtain, and work hard. This last "Pianxue" breaks open, and his skill is considered to have entered the eighth stage, which is equal to that of the founder of the "Tianjue Gate", and his "skill regeneration" is considered to have been practiced. At this point, he can keep his internal strength for a long time, and no matter how serious his internal injuries are, he can recover in a very short time without relying on the power of heavy medicine. Pan Jiuniang can't see her eyelashes. Gan Tang is the natural protector of the Dharma. How dare she lose her carelessness? Gan Tang is the future leader, second only to Mrs. Tai. Suddenly A white figure, like a ghost, appeared in front of the cave, silently, with a man in black under his ribs and a cloth bag in one hand. Pan Jiuniang guard has not been relaxed, but unexpectedly the other side appeared to find someone, this skill, she has been self-pity, until after seeing the other side's form, not by the soul of the dead. Bearer, white robe, white boots, white cloth cover, only show eyes outside. The strange man in white robes was the one he had been ordered to send a message to the young Lord to try to uncover his true face.
What is he doing here? If the young master was disturbed at the critical moment of exercise, the consequences would be unimaginable, but she felt that she was not sure that she could stop the other party from entering the cave. The land temple was pitifully small. As long as the strange man entered the temple, he could find the young master at first sight. For an instant, cold sweat broke out on her head. She still curled up and did not move, but her heart was burning with anxiety. After looking around, the strange man in white robe stepped into the temple, stepped into the gate, and suddenly retreated, his eyes like cold stars, staring at Pan Jiuniang. Pan Jiuniang pretended to be sleeping soundly, her eyes narrowed slightly, peeking at each other's movements, until now, she still could not think of a way to meet the enemy. The strange man looked at Pan Jiuniang for a moment and murmured, "Old beggar woman, although you are not a person in the martial arts world, you can't be spared. You should die early and be born early. In the afterlife, you should be born in a good family so as not to be born in this world." The sound fell and kicked Pan Jiuniang in the chest. "Pan Jiuniang just turned over and kicked her in the back." "Wow!" Half a whoop! Pan Jiuniang was kicked up and fell back to the ground. Her mouth and nose were all bleeding. She only twitched a few times and then died. The strange man in white robe may not suspect that the other side is a person in the martial arts world at all, so the force of this foot can only kill an ordinary person! And Pan Jiuniang was kicked to fly at the same time, played a small pill into the temple, he did not notice, a look at each other's situation, of course, can no longer live. Turn around and step into the threshold again. Suddenly A stench of rotting corpses came to my nostrils, which made people want to vomit. "Well," said the white-robed monster, "he stepped out of the doorway." With a bang, the man in black fell to the ground under his ribs, put down the cloth bag he was carrying, and then reached out his hand and flicked it. The man in black was obviously trapped in the acupoint, and immediately woke up with a groan in his mouth. "And say,ceramic welding tape, Of what sect are you, and by whom are you sent to do this?" The voice was dark and ferocious. The man in black looked up at the strange man in white, but did not open his mouth. global-ceramics.com
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