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Legend of the Dog God

#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:33
After half an hour, two people and a dog came to Qishan City not far away, Lingxu has already taken back the body, into a moderate size of the silver-white hound. The two men arrived at the city gate, standing on both sides of the full armor of soldiers, holding a pike in his hand, invisibly showing a Xiao kill, tense atmosphere. Ling Juntian felt that the momentum was different. When he passed through the city gate, he asked, "Is it always like this here?" Han Guangxin, who was very familiar with these things, explained: "This is an important city on the border, so the general security is stricter. This seems to be a little special. Maybe there is a problem on the border recently." The layout of Qishan City is circular, in which the distribution of various industries is in one place. There are various commercial stores on both sides of the street, selling groceries from all over the world, sometimes interspersed with a variety of restaurants, inns and so on. The layout of the city is not subdivided. Ling Juntian felt that the big city was different, and there was no comparison with the small town at the foot of Wuyun Mountain. There was an endless stream of people, all kinds of cries,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, and all kinds of people and goods to serve. Ling Juntian and Ling Xu are also the first time to stroll in the big city, usually in order to find medicinal materials have not come in, so they are very curious about many things around. Han Guangxin knew that Ling Juntian had never been to Qishan City, so he acted as a guide in front of him. When he reached the second half of the city, there were obviously fewer people here. Occasionally, people in gorgeous clothes or carriages passed by on the broad streets, and a group of soldiers on patrol would pass by regularly. The houses here were much bigger,steatite c221, and the outside looked gorgeous and very quiet. This is basically an area for rich people or people with status. Han Guangxin led Ling Juntian and Ling Xu to a quadrangle-style house, with a vermilion gate, two stone lions in front of the door, and two red lanterns hanging on the eaves of the door, which looked very festive. Han Guangxin knocked on the door. After a middle-aged man opened the door, he immediately saluted and said happily, "General, you're back so soon!" · Episode 2 · ~ Chapter 1 Refining ~ Han Guangxin showed a rare smile and said, "I'm back. I'm back with Master and Martial Uncle. Xingyun, go and arrange it quickly and inform everyone." Compared with Han Guangxin, the middle-aged man looked much younger, and he was very handsome. There was a sense of heroism between his eyebrows. His waist and back were straight. He wore gray close-fitting civilian clothes. He looked very energetic. At a glance, he could see that he must have been a soldier before. The middle-aged man said something to the people next to him, ceramic bobbin element ,10g Ozone Generator, and was immediately pulled by Han Guangxin to Ling Juntian's side and introduced respectfully: "This is my master, and this is my brother of the opposite sex, my former lieutenant Li Xingyun." Ling Juntian nodded and smiled, Li Xingyun some can not believe, this person is so young how can be the general's master, Han eldest brother brain is not confused. However, he must be a man who has seen the world, and he wanted to come down and ask more carefully, so he hurried up and made a respectful salute. Han Guangxin spread out his fingers like Lingxu and said, "Xingyun, this is my Martial Uncle." Now Li Xingyun finally couldn't help it and whispered, "General, this.." This is a dog, how can it be uncle. Han Guangxin's face suddenly became very serious. "Have you ever seen me make a joke?" He shouted? If you want to visit me, don't give me any nonsense! Seeing that his eldest brother was a little unhappy, Li Xingyun reluctantly saluted Lingxu. "Martial Uncle," he said, "This may be the first time he has saluted a dog in his life.". Ling Xu didn't care about this. He sat aside without any expression. Ling Juntian looked at Li Xingyun's expression. His eyes moved. He might have guessed one or two points. He said with a smile, "Don't embarrass Xingyun any more. Let's go in first." Han Guangxin glared at Li Xingyun and snorted, "I've offended Martial Uncle. I'll get even with you later!" Li Xingyun knows that the general is a rigorous person, character is also more extensive, he fought with him for so many years, has long been used to, smiled, did not mind.
Ling Juntian walked into the courtyard. It turned out that the courtyard was very large, consisting of about ten small courtyards. It also had the flavor of a platoon on the battlefield. Each courtyard was surrounded by classical two-story buildings, with small lakes and hills on both sides. There were all kinds of swords, guns and sticks beside the walls. Some courtyards also had the sound of people practicing martial arts. As soon as Ling Juntian approached the courtyard, two familiar figures were welcomed in the distance. It was Liu Yongquan and Little Camel Bell. The little camel bell now changed into a set of bright red clothes. She looked much more clever. She didn't see that she was a girl before. She jumped up to Lingxu and jumped on its back. She said in a charming voice, "Xiaoxu, you finally came back, Xiaoxu.." Ling Juntian almost fainted when he heard this name. When did Younger Martial Brother become Xiao Xu. Lingxu licked the little camel bell twice and blinked at the Elder Martial Brother to show that there was no need to make a fuss. Liu Yongquan hurriedly shouted, "Little Bell!"! Don't be rude. This is General Han's uncle. Lingxu waved his paws to show that it was okay and began to play with the small camel bell on his back. Liu Yongquan and Han Guangxin used to see the spirit of the spirit, also do not feel strange, Li Xingyun at this time stare big eyes, like two big lanterns, some can not believe that this dog can actually understand people!!! In the heart some understood why the general called it uncle. Liu Yongquan grabbed Ling Juntian's hand and said excitedly in a trembling voice, "My God, you're back at last. We've been worried about you all the time. I heard that the monster in the Changsheng River is very powerful." Ling Juntian looked at Father Liu's weather-beaten face. He was very grateful for this concern. He said with a gentle smile, "Let your old man worry. Oh, it's all right." "Master," said Han Guangxin,Alumina Ceramic C795, "let's go into the room and talk." Ling Juntian nodded his head and walked into the hall of the main courtyard with the others. As he walked, he found that there were still people practicing martial arts in other parts of the courtyard. He said strangely, "You make such a big noise. Don't the officials outside care??" 。 global-ceramics.com
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