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The Redemption of Lilith of the Great Sword Fellow

#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:25
The days of the trainee are the life that every sword must experience, aren't they? Without the initial bitterness, it is impossible to achieve the ability of the superior sword in the future. As for talent, it exists, but there are also some people who rely on hard work to make progress. It's hard to get power for nothing! Every drop of sweat sprinkled now is for the future soldiers not to be so confused. Strength has always been the expression of strength. Strength has always been the qualification to speak. Slowly, the people in the track of the big sword came on stage one after another. What was waiting for them? Will it still be the way to end the crime? Perhaps no one can change the blood of the sword, where only the blood is for the sword. Perhaps it was the blood of the sword that fell in love with the story. May be that story, fell in love with the bloody sword. This chapter is the end of the second volume, and there will be an explanation of the second volume tomorrow. The second volume will officially come to an end. Please look forward to the third volume, the flower of sin. Chapter 44 of the second volume is about the relationship between the characters in the second volume. There are several more characters in the original volume, such as Dinisha, Irini, Galatia and Milia. Dinisha, the No.182 warrior of the 77th issue of the half-human and half-demon trained by the organization, was killed before the demon power was liberated,hot tub spa manufacturers, no matter what kind of demon her opponent was. So her face is not ugly and twisted, and her doll-like face and the heroic posture of killing demons do look like a smile. Therefore, the name of Dinisha, who was given a smile, was called the strongest woman in the sword. This kind of Dinisha in this volume is already a goddess in the process of cultivation, in the final appearance of the "seckill" event,endless swim pool, has made people in the south have to pay attention to it. The next volume will mainly revolve around the characters in the animation "Big Sword", but I don't know if it will be written as a walk-on role. Forgive me for having no feelings for Guleia, but since it is the fatal encounter of the goddess, it is natural to write about her fatal place. In this volume, Dinisha's heart seems to have been somewhat loosened. So will Guleya still be the deadly one? Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but the presence of Guleya will be a connection point and the highest point of Lilith's redemption. The appearance of Guleya allowed Dinisha to complete her final betrayal of the organization. It also leads to the existence of a super-abyss in the comic book, Priscilla, which has to be written, but is doomed to be a bit player like the northern abyss. In the second volume, there is an ambiguous relationship between the northern abyss Easley and the silver-eyed lion king Riccarudo. I don't know if you can see it. Then the appearance of Priscilla was naturally the turning point. Lilith and Dinisha's turning point, american hot tub ,outdoor endless pool, Easley and Riccarudo's turning point. There are also many characters in the sword, of course, they should be described in ink accordingly. There may be one or two chapters that appear several times, just like in the animation. You are welcome to write down the characters you want to see. You can also imagine some scenes. If they are in line with the setting of the characters in the text, you will consider writing them down. For example, at the end of the second volume, Dinisha's "seckill" incident was written in a friend's message the day before. So, your message is very important. Sometimes it can make my mind more open. Now I usually write where I want to go. Thanks to the support and encouragement of some friends, I will continue to work hard to write this article. Your support is a great motivation for me. Also attached here is a review of G, feeling very good, here to share with you. Inside the analysis of the relationship between the characters is in place, it seems that I have not combed out the context, thank you very much! I like the title of "One Hundred Years of Waiting, One Hundred Years of Solitude" very much, which is very suitable to help us recall the emotional entanglement of the full text, but there are some places that we don't agree with, which will be mentioned slightly below. A hundred years of waiting, a hundred years of solitude The goddess must be saved, and the nymphomaniac must be committed. But poor Lilith was alone. Leave a little insight.
For Lilith, Catherine is a bed companion, Keith is his fans, not a companion, not a comrade-in-arms, never heart-to-heart, how much sincerity can Lilith treat them? Madonna's rescue of Lilith is not strictly speaking the first sword she has ever encountered, but she has a special status because of some possible relationship with the goddess (lamenting the powerful aura of the goddess). Nina Lulu is not Lilith's roommate but \ "Flora. \". Nina Lulu is lucky that Lilith doesn't dare to respond to her feelings! She "has no intention of puppy love!" 。 When Lilith was serious, she said, "When have I ever lied to you, Flora?" But in order not to change the "pattern of comics", Lilith needed to save Nina Lulu, so Lilith risked her life to save Nina Lulu. It is also said that Lilith, based on the "pattern of comics" and Flora's shadow, and Lilith, her roommate at the same time, cared about her very much. Lilith has served Nina Lulu a sumptuous roast whole lamb,endless pool swim spa, although she can't accept Nina Lulu, no matter how close she is. How to deal with Lilith's attitude towards Nina Lulu and the real Flora when the plot comes. Expectation Lahuana and Lilith are not right. Lilith hates Lahuana's unfinished murder. Lahuana blames Lilith for robbing her sister. For Lahuana and Lilith, there are two meanings: one is the future murderer of Sister Yi; the other is the sister of the southern abyss. 。 The only thing I don't see is the same time with her. monalisa.com
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