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#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:24
Other players: "…" Mu Youtang smiled: "Although there is a limit on the number of times to open the dialogue, there is no cooling time, which is very good." The chairs that everyone had just left were once again glued to their buttocks-with the exception of Shang Min'e, no matter how many times he repeatedly entered the room, the system turned a blind eye to his completely damaged seats and had no intention of repeating the refresh. Not only those in the kitchen and those secretly in love need to clarify the clues they have found, but also those who climb mountains need to communicate with the other three about what they have seen and heard, even if at least two-thirds of the parties have basically given up looking for answers on their own. Gu Jingsheng's index finger knocked the back of his hand unconsciously and said lightly, "Hypothetically, if Adrian really died of unnatural causes, then who is the murderer of him?" Jiang Xuetong did not hesitate: "Of course, the highest suspects were Jennifer and Conrad. At that time, only two of them were present in the cabin, followed by Egbert and Carola who stayed at the foot of the mountain. Although it looked impossible, according to the routine of similar works, the more they looked, the more there was a place worth digging. Again, Cecilia and the chef, as well as two male and female housekeepers." Finally, Scott, the guest I played-to be reasonable,hot tub manufacturers, I don't think Adrian's death has anything to do with me at all, and there's no need to pay attention to it. Sun Mao did not understand: "Why do you say that?" Jiang Xuetong did not hide anything. He not only explained to Sun Mao, but also communicated with his teammates by the way. He also planned to show his thinking ability: "From the rules, the main line this time is actually role-playing, not looking for the truth of the case. The system also reminded us that the task lines between the participants are not exactly the same. That is to say, There are probably some people among us who don't need to find out what caused Adrian's death. Gu Jingsheng smiled slightly. This is indeed a very important misleading point. Sun Mao was stunned for a moment, then cursed a dirty word in a low voice-he had thought how bleak the score would be if he found that Cecilia,China spa factory, whom he played, was parallel to Adrian in human design after the copy was over. The attitude of other players encouraged Jiang Xuetong, who continued: "For example, Mr. Ye, you are a housekeeper who is in love with a colleague, so the main task is to have emotional problems with Mr. Li in all likelihood. Not breaking up is the bottom line. If you can get married, it's best." Wei Jiashi: ".." All his subjective wishes are resisting Jiang Xuetong's conclusion. Gu Jingsheng had always maintained a serene state of auditing, this will laugh, comfort small partners: "Don't have psychological pressure, remember the last time we participated in the copy together, according to the state at that time." Wei Jiashi's eyes lit up-the last time he participated in the second instance with the captain was the "Thetis" sea route. As a person who was close to the truth all the way but did not find out what had happened until the last moment, he believed that he met at least one of the average requirements of the 08321 room, such as lucky value. Chapter 145 Gu Jingsheng: "Ms. Cecilia." Sun Mao:.. You can call me Mr. Sun, Xiaosun, 5 person hot tub ,Chinese spa manufacturer, or Sun. Thank you. Gu Jingsheng slightly adjusted the name of Sun Mao: "Judging from Cecilia's personality, she should also be one of the friends of Adrian and others, but she was excluded from the occasion of the proposal. I am curious, what is the reason for this?" Sun Mao was stunned for a moment, showing a thoughtful look. [Conversation outside the game] Soon after the end, Gu Jingsheng and others reappeared on the gravel mountain road. She noticed the time and realized that when the player entered the chat room, the time flow of the copy was suspended.
Sun Mao's original empty hand on Gu Jingsheng's arm has unconsciously borrowed a little more force-there is no manly copy to say again, his feet are really fast to hold on, originally just feel unbalanced, now found that from the ankle down as if someone had cut a knife, so now the female comrades in the end is how to do it. Can you still go shopping, climb the stairs, squeeze into the subway and sprint 100 meters like flying? The wind in the mountains is getting colder and colder, the water vapor is getting thicker and thicker, Mu Youtang's eyes are always subconsciously floating to Gu Jingsheng-among these people, only she wears the thinnest clothes, um. The material of "Egbert" is very good, not very transparent, but occasionally people can realize that Gu Jingsheng's jacket is not one, but two. Mu Youtang quickly withdrew his eyes, eyes and nose, nose and heart, pretending that he was an elegant lady who paid all her attention to walking on the mountain road. The sky is gradually overcast down, the day has been late, the rain clouds are getting thicker, from a distance, the rose flowers around the villa covered with walls are as bright as snow, which is a kind of light and heavy beauty. Gu Jingsheng saw that a maid in a standard long skirt was holding a pair of scissors, carefully pruning flowers and plants. In the bamboo basket she carried in her arms, there were dead branches and leaves, as well as some pink flowers, which could explain why the roses were so pure white that even a variegated one could not be found. A gust of wind blew, fine hair raised in the wind, Gu Jingsheng felt a few drops of cool wetness on his cheeks, the coming late rain made them unconsciously quicken their pace, and the well-trained servants had already waited at the door in advance, preparing soft towels for the returning young masters and ladies. At the moment of entering the door, they triggered the [cut scene] again. Cheng Fengsheng said politely, "The time spent with you is unforgettable. Dinner will begin soon. I think we need to go back and change our clothes." Gu Jingsheng smiled: "Conrad, you are still so considerate." After saying goodbye, they went back to their rooms separately-thanks to the system hosting, they arrived at their destination smoothly and did not get lost in the big exaggerated mansion. As the third young master, Gu Jingsheng of course has his own valet, but the other side's movements and expressions are very rigid, it seems that only a common functional NPC,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, can only respond to some of the most basic instructions, she tried to talk to the other side, but can not get any effective clues. monalisa.com
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