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The Strongest Landlord of Online Games

#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:21
In retrospect, this book was uploaded at the beginning, as if it was yesterday, but when I came to my senses, I found that it had been more than half a year, so I couldn't help being in a trance, and I didn't believe that I could stick to it. Thank you for your support. [] To support this book and increase the author's popularity, please share: More Underworld Special Forces City Young Marshal Wushen Star Ring Orange Red Age City Happy Swordsman My Policewoman Wife Dionysus Ruffian Sorcerer Officialdom Upstart Officialdom Hero Invincible Twelve-winged Angel King Comes to the Beginning of Hongmeng Fighting to Break the Sky and Devour the Stars Evil King Mortal Cultivating Immortals and Passing on the Dharma Immortal Path Making the Tide Immortal Against the Immortal Sword Body The Beginning of Hongmeng Eye of Heaven Life Genius Doctor Super Doctor Medical Super Immortal Doctor Medical Way Official Path Rebirth Official Way Rebirth Thief Walking in the World Rebirth Without Regret Life Rebirth Inside the Yamen Yin and Yang Crown Stallion Novels: Bodyguard Romance, Huadu Gambling Jade, Peach Bride Tears, Hundred Beauties and Delicate Pictures II, Twelve Concub Register as a member for free and enter the "bookshelf" to reduce pop-up ads! Total Statistics 199 Statistics Chapter 495 hit the door again. Although we are looking for help, we also need to consider what kind of help we are looking for. Thumilos this boss, from his way of attack, both control and magic two attack modes, is a typical mage boss, the previous test attack, the old demon also saw that Thumilos's physical defense and health are not high, but very hum may be very strong magic defense, so this time looking for helpers. The mage class may not be of any use, so don't think about it for the time being. And Xiumilos can fly, that kind of floating posture, the old demon has seen a similar Mao SS, know that the melee profession is not easy to kill, must have a long-range profession to be able to cause damage to him, so in this case, only the hunter profession can be considered in the long-range profession. Thumelos' control skills and spell damage are very high. Under such a premise, there must be a priest in the team composition, and it is estimated that there must be two. The priest can not only heal, but also dispel the negative state with purification, so that Thumelos' soul negative skills will not hurt people so much. So, after determining the composition of the team, the old demon began to screen the helpers. Yang Yongle and charming dance step two people, this time can't help, so the old demon also didn't want to call them,outdoor whirlpool, quiet wench is a soldier, this time to use one, in case Xiu Milos control other Xiaoguai cause trouble, so to use a soldier to do meat shield, but quiet this wench equipment Q before can't keep up with, technology is not good, just have a pungent strength, dare to play dare to rush, Nong is a berserker type, which is not suitable for the position of meat shield. The old demon only plans to organize a team of people to kill Xiu Milos, because he also knows that if the number of people is large, maybe Xiu Milos will use his soul to attract more small monsters, which will increase the difficulty of the task. The configuration of a team of six people is the best choice, so there are fewer helpers to go, and the old demon can only work hard on the strength of the helpers. Soon, the old demon thought of the candidate and began to contact. Two priest candidates, Youlemei is one of them, jacuzzi swim spa ,whirlpool bathtub, this guy has been in the celebrity support corps as the chief priest, equipment is good, consciousness is also very good, technology naturally can not say, as for the second priest candidate, the old demon contact is Rongxue nno In fact, if Su Hui wench is here, the old demon will take her, with the orange equipment of Shenghui Angel Ring, Su Hui wench's treatment effect is amazing, but this wench level has not yet reached so level, temporarily unable to enter, so the old demon can only find Rong Xue, even if he does not want to owe a favor. Rong Xue's skill is also good. The last time I helped him ^ ~-through the plot, the old demon had already seen it. And during the cross-server match, Rong Xue also entered the game of Coleman Island. Naturally, her strength can be imagined. After contacting her, she also readily agreed.
Hunter profession, that is naturally an alloy kite, for the call of the old demon "alloy kite naturally will not refuse, and Youlemei soon arrived, but the hunter profession also needs two people, there is a candidate, the old demon temporarily can not think of who has better technology, so temporarily put aside, as for the warrior player, the old demon thought about it, contacted the dragon pattern.". In fact, the old demon can also find the celebrity world, but the problem is that although the celebrity world technology is good, but his equipment situation from the dragon pattern still has a certain gap, the old demon and the dragon pattern have fought, know him well, count up the overall strength of the dragon pattern, or better than the celebrity world. Although the dragon pattern is the president of the super guild dragon battle pattern in Huaxia area, but this person has no shelf, and the old demon is also getting along, the friendship between the two sides is good, after hearing the old demon said to ask him to help kill the boss, he came without saying a word, but also brought the remaining hunter candidates to the old demon. The old demon also recognized this man. He was the hunter in the Dragon Pattern Team in the last Ling Server Competition. The old demon still had some impression of him. He knew that this man's skill was also good, so he gladly let him join the team. Two priests, two hunters, a warrior, and the assassin of the old demon, six people are just a team. After waiting for a while, everyone is here. Dragon grain and old demon also calculate familiar, meet also do not have nonsense, ask directly: "What kind of boss, what appearance is the data?" "I don't know!" The old demon gave a wry smile and said, "I can't see the level. I only know that it's a SS with a title. But it's estimated that the level should be between 6s and 6q. It's not 70. I can fight. Otherwise, if the SS is too strong and hopeless, I won't want to ask you for help." Youlemei actually knew Rongxue un. When they met just now, this guy had been calling Rongxue "sister, sister" affectionately. After listening to the old demon's words, he turned his head and said,outdoor spa manufacturers, "No, you can beat such a boss7." The old demon nodded and said, "This is a magic-type boss. The physical defense is not high." But the skill is very weird! Everyone should be careful. 。 monalisa.com
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