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Wolong gives birth to golden phoenix scissors

#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:19
Yue Xiu lit the candle on the table, smiled, and said, "You can't decide. I want to talk to you, Master Feng." "If you can guess my identity, I will meet you," said a woman's voice from the room. Yue Xiu said, "Zhu Yi, the Seven Princes, I am like a brother. So Yue Xiu didn't guess wrong. You are the wife of Yue's wife." The room was silent for a while, the curtain opened lightly, and two people came out slowly. One is a fake lady who pretends to be the seven princes, and the other is a woman in a green skirt with a black veil hanging down her face. Yue Xiu waved her hand and said, "Fake Mrs. Wang, please stand by. I want to say a few words to the real Mrs. Wang." "How did you guess it was me, Yue Xiu?" Asked the woman in green. Yue Xiu said with a smile, "You can arrange such a perfect scheme in the mansion of the seven princes. Who can have such great power except your sister-in-law?" The woman in green sighed and said,outdoor hot tub, "I don't mean to hurt him. I just hope I can make him better.." Yue Xiu answered, "There's not much difference between being king in the Southern Heaven and being on the Ninth Five-Year Plan. Why do you have to make them kill each other and get blood on their weapons?" "Now that the situation is over, there's nothing I can do," said the woman in green. Yue Xiu said, "My sister-in-law, your father is in the northwest of the barrier and holds the military power. Is your father involved in this matter?" "He doesn't know much," said the woman in green,jacuzzi suppliers, "but he already has doubts in his mind. I'm his daughter. He's afraid of bringing disaster to the nine clans, so he has to pretend he doesn't know." "What are you going to do, sister-in-law?" Asked Yue Xiu. "That's what we're talking about," said the woman in green. "That's why Yue Xiu came here," said Yue Xiu. The woman in green hesitated for a moment and said, "If you don't want the war to end, you should stop at once." Yue Xiu said, "Listen to the words of your sister-in-law. Yue Xiu will immediately quit his official career and give me a clear understanding of my true colors." "I'll dismiss the Dragon and Phoenix Society and leave the capital.." said the woman in green. Yue Xiu answered, "Respond to Tianfu and get together with Brother Wang again." The woman in green answered, "No, the seven princesses are dead. I'm just an ordinary little woman." "Go back to the northwest.." said Yue Xiu. "No," said the woman in green. "My father is a high-ranking official. How could he have a daughter like me?" "Then, endless swimming pool ,4 person jacuzzi," said Yue Xiu, "in the future.." "In the future," said the woman in green, "I will be an ordinary woman. But you must keep your word. Don't linger on your official career." "Are there any conditions?" Asked Yue Xiu. "Don't reveal what happened tonight," said the woman in green. Yue Xiu folded his fists and said, "I've written it down. Let's say goodbye." Turn to the layman. "Slow down, Yue Xiu," said the woman in green. "What's the matter?" Asked Yue Xiu. "Would you like to see my true face?" Asked the woman in green. "No, madam.." said Yue Xiu. Walking out of the hall, he said, "The affairs of the capital have been finished. Let's go." Walk forward quickly. In the dim light of night, the voice of the woman in green came, saying, "Yue Xiu, we will meet again when you arrive in the mountain forest of Aoxiao dressed in cloth." Yue Xiu did not answer and quickly disappeared into the night. Tang Xiao followed closely behind Yue Xiu, and the two men ran out of the capital in one breath before slowing down their pace. Endure again and again, Tang Xiao still could not bear it. "Master," he said, "that woman in green is a phoenix among the leaders of the Dragon and Phoenix Society." "Well.." said Yue Xiu. "She is also the daughter of General Deng," said Tang Xiao. "She is the wife of the Seven Princes." Yue Xiu nodded and said with a smile, "Tang Xiao, are you surprised?" "It's totally unexpected," said Tang Xiao. "She has such a good family background, holds the military power, and is entrusted with the territory. Her husband is in charge of seven provinces. She is so powerful and beautiful. Why does she want to get involved in Jianghu affairs?" Yue Xiu sighed and said, "Because there is still an emperor in Beijing. Her parents, husband, and all the glory and wealth are in the hands of the emperor. So she wants to go up to a higher level. Like some people in the martial arts world, she is already the head of a school. But he is not satisfied with that status. He tries his best to command the martial arts world.".
” "So," said Tang Xiao, "the risks in the official world are as dangerous as those in Jianghu." "Even better," said Yue Xiu. Tang Xiao nodded and said, "Childe, I want to ask one more thing. I don't know if I can." "Good," said Yue Xiu! May I ask? "Do the Seven Princes know anything about these things?" Asked Tang Xiao. Yue Xiu hesitated for a moment and said with a smile, "Tang Xiao, you are really a very shrewd person." "Praise you, sir," said Tang Xiao. "We can talk about it," said Yue Xiu,endless swim spa, "but we mustn't tell anyone, and we mustn't talk about it again." "My subordinates obey," said Tang Xiao. 。 monalisa.com
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