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Dream of the world

#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:17
Shuilinger walked back to the bed with the teacup, raised his head slightly, and handed the teacup to his lips. Although he wanted to do it himself, he was powerless, and his throat was really thirsty, so he had to accept the care of Shuilinger, and let Shuilinger pour a little warm and moderate tea into his mouth. At such a close distance, the faint fragrance of Shuilinger's body naturally came into his nostrils, knowing that it was only a virtual game, and that the defense of men and women was not so strict in modern times, but Li Chen could not help but be slightly distracted, bumping up like a deer. Shuilinger and his breath could be heard, and naturally he heard his unnatural heartbeat, but he smiled sweetly and generously and continued his movements. This cup of tea is as long as a century in Li Chen's mind, until he suddenly felt that the cup left his lips, only a little relaxed, but also gave birth to some inexplicable regret. Long Teng, you say you are a super brain. How can this be so clear in the game? Sooner or later, parents will complain that your game endangers the psychological development of teenagers. A burst of cranky thoughts in Li Chen's mind just shifted the responsibility to the innocent Longteng. Long Teng: "Come on, if you were a gentleman, would you still have this reaction?"? Don't use me as an excuse, hypocrite! ) Li Chen didn't dare to think any more. Looking at Shui Linger's slightly red expression, he hurriedly found a topic and said,jacuzzi manufacturers, "Linger, what happened after I fell into a coma last night?"? Did the brothers suffer any losses? "You," said Shui Linger with a smile, "you are the most seriously injured. You really love to worry about your life." Looking at Shuilinger's relaxed expression, Li Chen also put down his heart and listened to Shuilinger's story about last night. Li Chen tried his best to kill Dong Zhong, and the other assassins were a little flustered. When the two masked men in the courtyard were struggling to resist the thunder and sweeping thousands of troops, the meteor outside the sky also tried his best to fight with him in the house. If a formal fight, the meteor outside the sky may not be the opponent of the two Wangfu masters,massage bathtub manufacturers, but in the dark, narrow space of the room, his streamer double chop instead played the greatest power. Mei Huahe passes on his set of martial arts, which requires more attention to the importance of skill control than the sharpness of tactics. Mei Huahe himself can listen to the sound in the dark and kill the flies in the house with a lock and sickle. Although the meteor outside the sky can not reach the realm of arms and fingers, this environment also greatly weakens the enemy's play. The two masked assassins could not imagine that the other side was clearly using a long chain weapon, but the power in the narrow space was not much smaller than outside. On the contrary, the two of them were not familiar with the environment in the house, and did not adapt to the fight in the dark. They played half of their martial arts at most, and they had to be careful not to hurt their companions by mistake. They really regretted blocking the meteor in the house just now. The meteor heard the shouts outside, knowing that Li Chen had been seriously injured, he also showed a rare ruthless style, fierce and fierce, and even used very dangerous means several times, killing the two masked people frightened. Finally, he seized the opportunity to cut the two opponents into two sections, but he also paid the price, endless pool factory ,indoor endless pool, was swept by the steel whip in the calf, breaking the leg bone. Although the pain was very great, the thunder in the yard and the sweeping army could not resist the attack of the other two masked men, and they were still fighting bloody battles. The meteor outside the sky immediately dragged the injured leg out of the door, launched the streamer double chop, and attacked with all its strength. Finally, the two masked men saw their companions were killed, and even the deputy manager who led the team had already hung up. They were already in a panic. At this time, they did not know the depth of the meteor outside the sky. They hurriedly resisted two strokes and turned to flee. Although the streamer of the meteor outside the sky took the opportunity to slay another person, it could only watch the other disappear behind the fence. At this time hiding in the room of gold coins, broken dream, small bright, touch stone into gold to dare to come out, see the blood in the courtyard, can not help but gasp. Shuilinger was holding Li Chen, who was unconscious and covered with blood, crying. The thunder and the sweeping army were exhausted. As soon as the desperate force was released, they immediately sat down on the ground with wounds all over their bodies, unable to stand up.
As for the least injured meteor, before he had time to bandage and fix his broken leg, he had been stimulated by the bloody corpses everywhere to vomit wildly. In the bloody battle that night, eight men in black, including Dong Zhong, were killed in Sihaitang. Three of them were seriously injured and one was slightly injured ( "a broken leg is still a minor injury?" The meteor from the sky protested. The author answers: "Cut the crap, do you a dizzy blood guy still dare to make a sound?" Meteor out of the sky (speechless..) Add a pair of good door panels (Li Chen's room). If we only look at the strength of the two sides, this time Li Chen can defeat the strong enemy, which is a miracle, but in connection with the actual situation, it is at most a tragic result. Because the door of Li Chen's side had become fragments, they carried Li Chen to Shuilinger's room, bandaged the others, hurried to call the doctor, and finally everything was settled, the sky was bright. After a night of tossing and turning, everyone felt tired and went back to their rooms to rest. Only Shuilinger insisted on guarding the unconscious Li Chen, waiting for him to wake up. After hearing the whole story, Li Chen sighed slightly and said, "It's good that everyone is all right. Thank you for your hard work, Linger." Shui Linger bowed her head and said softly, "You've worked so hard for me. What's the point of me taking care of you?" Li Chen hurriedly wanted to open his mouth to clarify, but when the words came to his mouth, he swallowed them back with difficulty. Could it be that a girl took care of you for such a long time, but you told her that she was just in a hurry and didn't think about feelings or other related things at all? "Shit, how to play games also have this kind of trouble?"? I'm really out of luck. Looking at Shuilinger's eyes full of affection, Li Chen knew that the more he painted, the more black he was, so he had to scold in his heart and shut his mouth helplessly. In a dull atmosphere in the room, two people are relatively silent, Shuilinger just looks at Li Chen with a reddish face, but Li Chen misses the feeling of not knowing anything in the coma just now. In this awkward tranquility, Li Chen asked casually in a panic,whirlpool hot tub spa, "Linger, you embroidered all these patterns in the room, and you are good at craftsmanship." 。 monalisa.com
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