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Crossing: a Woman Disguised as a Man to Break into the World (Lan Qi'er)

#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:11
Is this Sixi so spoiled by himself that he even dares to sell himself. The painting "Qingxi Songyin" is the representative work of Tang Bohu, and I love it very much. Especially Tang Bohu's paintings, Lan Qier himself is good at, the painting is perfect, he dares to call the second, absolutely no one dares to call the first. A few days ago, because I had nothing to do, I painted to pass the time. I didn't expect to be seen by the girl Sixi. I wanted to go. I thought she liked to treasure it. After all, it looked like a cat saw a mouse that day, and her eyes were shining. But I didn't think she had this idea. This girl is not crazy to make money. You will think of silver when you see anything. When Sixi saw the crowd under the stage, all of them were surprised and delighted with the picture, listening to countless praises coming into their ears. He smiled and nodded, as if he was satisfied with the atmosphere he had created. Ladies and gentlemen, this picture of a clear stream shaded by pines is a rare treasure in a hundred years. It is now up for auction. The reserve price is five hundred taels! As soon as this word came out, everyone was slightly shocked. They were all surprised by the price of this painting. Who would have thought that this masterpiece, which could be famous for thousands of years, was only worth five hundred taels. Just as everyone was holding a sign to bid, Sixi gasped and continued to say, "Don't make a mistake. Sixi is talking about gold. The bottom price of five hundred taels of gold is now available for bidding." After the whole Lanyue Pavilion was silent for a while, the scene became lively and boiling, and many rich people from all over the world began to scramble to increase the price. Soon, the price of an ancient painting soared to five million taels of gold, and all the people present were shocked by such a high price. Everyone's eyes were locked in a stalemate, and I didn't know who wrote such a big hand, but I could hear that it was a handsome, clear and beautiful young man who shouted out. Although I don't know who the buyer is, the price has shown the value of the painting and indirectly proved the affirmation of the author of the painting. Qingfeng this name, suddenly red through the north and south of the Yangtze River, all the literati and Mohist scholars do not know the name,Walking tape measure, for his works hidden longing, all want to teach high and low. If you win, you can quickly become popular, and the literati of the whole mainland can pay attention to him. Even if you lose, there is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, the first talent in the blue city is not so easy to be. Because the atmosphere of the opening has continued, it went smoothly. However, there is no object that can be compared with Qingxi Songyin Tu. Blue seven son looked at the following auction, is really not interested, was about to turn around to leave, downstairs exclaimed, the sound of discussion let blue seven son curiously turned to look at the past. That is a bracelet with a unique design. Delicate and delicate lines, beautiful style, dazzling gems, unexpectedly let people look at the eyes. Seemingly simple, Diameter tape measure ,Wheel tape measure, but reveals the elegant, generous style. He had never seen such ornaments, even in modern times, the kind of beauty that could not be expressed in words, and for a moment, he had a desperate impulse, as if it belonged to him. As soon as Sixi started bidding, the man beside Shen Lin shocked the audience and said, "My young master offered 30 million taels." Before people could recover, a wealthy businessman in a neighboring country not far away, with a big belly and a ring of gold and precious stones on his fingers, was so gorgeous that his eyes hurt. Looking at the people around him, he stopped his proud stomach and shouted, "Sir, I offer 40 million taels of silver!" Everyone was secretly frightened, and no one expected that the price of a bracelet would be so high. I don't know where it came from. The big-bellied businessman proudly raised his neck and laughed with the "adoring" eyes of everyone. The man behind Shen Lin, with a cold face, did not make superfluous expressions, even looked at other people, but also did not bother to look. It seems that only his master exists in his eyes. The iceberg man said unhurriedly, "Forty million taels of gold." The fat man grew up with his mouth closed, as if he had swallowed a duck egg. As for the panting of Shen Lin's attendant, his face turned red and he looked at the laughing eyes of the people around him. The eyes looked at Shen Lin with hatred.
Chapter 16 fighting Chapter 16 fighting Lan Qier's fingers, holding the teacup, tightened slightly, and his eyes changed a lot. All the guests in the Lanyue Pavilion were surprised to see that they were still sitting there calmly, drinking tea, as if it had nothing to do with themselves at all. Looked at the bracelet, blue seven son mouth lightly pursed, raised a faint smile, to the downstairs Qinglong, slender fingers gently lifted, a simple action, Qinglong took the hint of the stage. Sixi shouted, "Seventy million taels." Qinglong always cherishes words like gold, but even so, the guests in the lobby at this time naturally knew what he meant. No one will not know what 70 million taels of gold represents. A lazy and indifferent male voice came from downstairs. Do you want to compete with me? Lan Qier looked at Shen Ling and smiled at his slightly angry eyes. The feather fan in his hand opened along the gesture, and he was very upset about the candlelight tonight. He never liked it much. Where there are many people, except when you are in a good mood. For the hot summer weather, it made his temper even more irritable and gave him a chance to light the line of fire. Sixi looked at the upstairs childe upset appearance, a knowing wave of his hand, Zhengdong Lantern Pavilion candles, lanterns instantly extinguished, only in the top of the display lit a display of candles. Everyone's eyes were focused on the exhibit, and only a little light made it brighter and more dazzling in the night. One of the luxury, Jiao Qiao immediately in front of everyone on display really. Rong. Because of the bright candle, it can not emit real light. It's really colorful. Therefore,Walking measuring wheel, this move of Sixi, people will only think that it is to better promote this jewelry, from which people cast the highest price. But will there be a higher price? This one It's already sky-high!. tapemeasure.net
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