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Valley of Yin and Yang-Zhuge Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:08
With a lustful smile on his face, the Flower Arhat shook his head and said, "You are not an ordinary walking monk. You want to be transformed into two female Bodhisattvas who can enjoy bliss with each other.." When Yin Yuhua heard this, she gave a sneer, and the flower arhat laughed again and said, "Female Bodhisattva, don't" mistake the teapot for a chamber pot if you don't know the gold inlaid with jade. "Although you are rude, you have a lovely strength. I'm sure you can serve the two female Bodhisattvas comfortably and want to die!"! You should know that the big bull that is not good to eat tastes much better than the silver wax gun head that is not good to eat. When Yun Mengxiang heard this, he flew into a rage and was about to make a move, but Yin Suhua was already one step ahead of him. He said with a charming smile, "Monk, your words of" silver-like wax spear head "give the game away. I guess this heavy looking thing in your hand must be either made of wax or made of wood. It's only painted with iron on the outside, or it's a bluffing thing with a layer of iron." Hua Hua Arhat said with a smile, "Why does the female Bodhisattva look down upon the family?"? My iron fish is made of cast-iron. Although it is hollow, it weighs two hundred and seventy-eight catties. With that, he raised his left arm and threw the iron fish into the air. With a sound, it fell to the ground. Immediately, sparks flew in all directions, smashing a small pit on the stone floor. Still smiling, Yin Suhua sighed and said, "Is it really iron?"? I want to knock on it. Since her name is "Miao-the first beauty", Fengshen is naturally beautiful, with a smile on her face,Adhesive fish ruler, she really sees the flower arhat of the hungry ghost in her color, which makes her soul go out of her body and salivate! Yin Suhua said with a coquettish smile and took out something from below her waist. It was an animal bone, as thick as a child's arm, only a few feet long, with one end flat and one end bulging with a big bump, as if it were a natural "white bone". Seeing this, the Flower Arhat said with a smile, "It doesn't matter if the female Bodhisattva tries to knock, but please don't use too much force,fish measuring tape, so as not to break your little white bone and flash your willow waist." With a dumb smile, Yin Suhua went to the front of the iron fish, raised the "white bone" in his hand, and hit it down. Yun Mengxiang, who had been to the "White Bone Rock", knew that the object in Yin Suhua's hands was the frontal bone of the ancient animal "tapir" inherited from their ancestors. It is said that there is a bump on the forehead of the "tapir", which can be used to hit the mountain and be invincible, and that bump is made up of twelve short bones of the "tapir" forehead, which can be used as a weapon, and is kept as a family heirloom, hence the name "White Bone Rock" of "Savage Mountain". Now, Yin Suhua takes out this thing, the flower arhat unexpectedly does not know the goods, but also treats arrogantly ridicules the other side to be able to "the white bone-" the son shakes off, is not too ridiculous? Yun Mengxiang was quite angry, but now that he saw this, Fish measuring board ,tape measure clip, he could not help but feel relieved. He planned to stand by and see how the Yin Yuhua and Yin Suhua sisters teased this flower arhat. Sure enough, "bones-" son fell, "-" a loud noise, the flower arhat immediately turned pale! Just now, it was the flower arhat who threw the iron fish and smashed a small pit on the stone floor. Now, it was Yin Suhua who waved the "white bone" and smashed the iron fish into a big pit. Yin Suhua took one look at the ground and said with a charming smile, "Monk, you're really an honest man. You're spitting out your own secrets. This iron fish, which was originally quite heavy, is really a silver-like wax spear head. It can't stand a light blow from me!" The flower arhat gazed slightly at the iron fish that had been beaten flat. His face was unusually ugly. He clasped his palms together and said, "Amitabha Buddha." The Buddha said in his voice, "The female Bodhisattva's divine power is amazing. She is convinced by her family. It doesn't matter if this good fate doesn't melt!" With that, he clasped his hands together and left. The thief was bald and cunning. As soon as he saw the Yin sisters, he had a unique skill and was not a vulgar woman. He wanted to disappear. He wanted to rub oil on the soles of his feet and slip away. The sisters Yin Yuhua and Yin Suhua, one standing on the left and the other on the front, wanted to slip away, so naturally they flashed to the right. But as soon as his figure flashed, he was stopped by a hand. The person who stopped him was Yun Mengxiang, who had originally intended to be a bystander and did not want to make a move.
Hua Hua Luo Han stared at the two cows with fierce eyes. He frowned and asked, "Why did you stop me?" Meng Xiang replied coldly, "I want to make some good connections with the great monk." Hua Hua Luo Han was originally a fierce man, but at this time he was inspired by his ferocity. He looked at Yun Mengxiang, who was so handsome and graceful. He asked with a grim smile, "Just now I wanted to make a happy and good fate for the two girls. What fate did you make for me at this moment?"? Could it be that you are a son of Longyang who recommends yourself and wants to sing "backyard flower" to me.. " The words still did not finish, "clap" a crisp sound, the flower arhat already received a slap in the face. He used to have a good horizontal training, which can be called invulnerability, but now it seems that he suddenly lost his effectiveness and could not defend himself. Not only his left cheek, but also his palm swelled up very high, and several big teeth were broken. His mouth was full of blood, and the pain made him "wow"! Yun Mengxiang's face was as cold as ice. He said in a deep voice, "Monk of all evils, the scum of Buddhism, listen to the truth. My so-called" desire to transform good fate "is to want you, the leader of the six Yang who is full of evil!" "His voice is square, suddenly again somebody interface laughs:" Damn, damn, this lewd monk is unrepentant, really should die! Really should die! Flower Arhat heard the voice very familiar, can not help but look at the past. After embracing a giant tree, Shangguan Ming, the "Jade Face Ghost Valley", appeared. Huahua Arhat had suffered a great loss from Shangguan Ming in the past year, so after seeing the "Jade Face Ghost Valley", he became more and more frightened and pale. "Don't be afraid of me," said Shangguan Ming with a smile. "The man who slapped you just now is one of the" Three Swords of Romance. " One of them is the "Canghai Wushan" Yunmeng Xiangyun, whose martial arts are much better than mine.. " Flower Arhat heart "bang" a shock, can not help but recite "Amitabha Buddha". Shangguan Ming laughed and said, "You are the scum of Buddhism. You can only invite the Buddha to bless you again and recite the name of the Buddha. What's the use?" After all, you are a disciple of the Three Treasures. I'll give you another chance. "Flower Arhat Wen Yan, can not help but put two eyes full of hope,Horse weight lbs, staring at Shangguan Ming's body." Jade Face Ghost Valley "Shangguan Ming wanted to make him happy. He said slowly," As long as you can't escape under the palm of Master Yun, we will let you go. This is your last chance. I hope you can make good use of it! " 。 tapemeasure.net
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