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"Little Douding, I don't want this!" Just that strength really do not know where he came from, it can be seen that now he can not breathe, just now that has let him overdraw it. Dad, I don't want this baby. I've already given birth to one! Do it! "I said, don't you touch my baby, you bastard!!!" "Wow!" It's the cry of a child. Ah! It's out! It's out! All cheers! Ah? Ah? Small Douding has been lying in bed in the past, I roughly check his whole body, no big problem, just physical overdraft. Meet his peaceful sleeping face, I can't react, that's all? So we have been discussing the twin strategy for several months, and we haven't used it at all, so we were stimulated by these two sentences, and these two little things came out? Seemed to see a figure holding something coming, no effort to think about other things, just feel the brain is getting heavier and heavier, the voice in the room is getting farther and farther, finally a black eyes, do not know anything. Junyun (Nvzun) Author: Quietly Chapter 130 When I woke up, I was teased by my family for a long time. I couldn't say anything straight. I didn't know why my brain didn't work at such a time. Let them laugh. I have a pair of sons, not only the face, the whole body is wrinkled like Guoguo before,mirror stainless steel sheet, but the family is so lively that there is no way to continue, all the time around the three small circles. As expected, the two more were not like before. All of them were in a hurry. In addition, Xiaodouding was badly weakened. He was unable to take care of himself with the two newborn boys, so he could only be treated as a baby and stare at his two sons all day long. Although he was no longer as fickle as when he was pregnant, he was an active person, lying all day unable to move, the same treatment as when he was pregnant,brushed stainless steel sheet, but now he quit, but when he moved and the pain was unbearable, he could only keep a straight face all day. Worst of all, the two boys had just been born, but they were so sensitive that they cried loudly when the air pressure in the room was a little lower, but Xiaodouding refused to take the baby out anyway. Think about it, he has been lying all day, how can he not see the child? So in the end, I was the only one who was thrown away. I couldn't go into the room during this time, because the little bean was unhappy when he saw me, and he was cold when he was unhappy. In this way, it didn't take long for the child to cry. Not counting one, two came together. I could only hold my breath and look outside the door. The emperor sent a lot of things over, and the officials in the court carried things over one by one. It was very lively. Several of the family are a little confused, a few months ago when Guoguo was born, there was no such excitement ah! But I am very clear, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, now all over the harvest is roughly known, not only the emperor's joy, in the folk, my reputation is also great, the palace has given countless things, but now fame and fortune, ah, two little guys were born at this time, who does not come to congratulate you? Dongfang Ningzhi and Dongfang Siyuan are the names of these two little guys that the fathers have been thinking about for several days. What is different from their elder sister is that these two guys have a quarrel in their throats, but there is no peace at home. So when the fathers asked me their nicknames, I casually said: "Crying like this is called a big quarrel and a big quarrel!" And then it was repaired, which was depressing enough. In the end, I had to think hard, and finally everyone was satisfied that I had decided on Xiaoyao and Xiaotuo. In the twinkling of an eye, their full moon was coming, and in the early part of the day, which was still some time away, everyone in the court asked when to give them a full moon.
Looking at that excited face, I am depressed, what on earth is this? Those two are my kids, right? Why are they all as impatient as if they had grandchildren? How much more excited than I don't know? Originally did not want to engage in, in my view, the full moon is the full moon, it is no big deal, and the big one is not the same? However, many people in the court asked me one by one, which gave me an illusion. If I really didn't hold a wedding banquet, I was sorry that these warm-hearted people decided to make up one for Guoguo. The three children's full moon banquet was held together, although Guoguo didn't look like a child who was just one month old. As a result, the house has just calmed down and began to be busy again, Dad they actually want to prepare that catch week, my God! When I came back from the court that day, I watched my fathers digging out piles of things. I was a little confused. What was going on? Why did both of them take out their own treasures? Even the bottom of the box was dug out? Before he opened his mouth to ask, Father Shao ran over excitedly: "Doudou, we are going to let three children catch Zhou at the full moon banquet. Look!"! These are all the things we prepared, and some of the things we asked the servants to prepare have not been taken out. "How is it?"? It's going to be fun! Yu's father also came over to show me. Looking at the three excited fathers who were already dizzy, my veins were beating constantly, and the corners of my mouth twitched unceasingly: "Dads, how old are the three of them?"? What we have is full moon wine, full moon wine, not full year wine, okay? Do you think they can catch Zhou? Can you afford it? "Ah.." Three people are speechless, "too excited, busy dizzy." Looking at the three of them leaving happily, I have black lines all over my head! Busy and dizzy? How do you look like you're looking for something to do. I have been too busy to think of my two bad friends for a long time. When Guoguo was born, when she got married, and when Xiaoyao Xiaoshu was born, I found someone to bring letters to them, but all the replies I got were that I had something to do and left home, and I didn't know how to return them. So he just sighed twice,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, why did he throw it aside by chance. Unexpectedly, when I was finally able to relax, I received a letter from them saying that they had gone home and had come to visit me recently. sxthsteel.com
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