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Legend of the frontier wasteland-Huang Yi _ txt novel paradise

#1 | Zaslané: 23 Aug 2022 07:01
Ren Qingyu squatted down on one knee and looked at him with shining eyes. "Fool!" He said! This is because Xie Xuan knows his fate soon, and makes arrangements for you to avoid disaster, so that Liu Laozhi can protect you. Liu Laozhi is also an ambitious person, Xie Xuan to transfer you to him, will make his power above He Qian. So Liu Laozhi will never let anyone hurt you. Do you understand? Liu Yu listened to the scalp tingling, the reason is so simple, why don't you guess Xie Xuan's mind in this direction? He asked himself, of course, knowing that he was in love with Wang Danzhen, so he tried every means to find an excuse to evade responsibility. However, Liu Yu will never give up his promise to Wang Danzhen. Ren Qingyu looked at him and frowned and said, "What are you thinking about?"? Are you really the Liu Yu I know? Liu Yu glared at her angrily, thinking only about how to send her away without showing any trace. "You want to be simple and optimistic," he said. "Even if Xie Xuan puts Liu Laozhi in the position of commander of the Beifu Army, his intelligence and reputation are some distance away from Xie Xuan's. It's hard to hold down Sima Daozi. Once their own power and position are dragged down by me, they will sacrifice me to please the other side. "In what capacity, and under what pretext, does your grace speak well for me,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, a little soldier?" Ren Qingyu said with a well-thought-out smile, "It's a wonderful specialty to seduce men. She doesn't have to speak for you directly at all. It only arouses suspicion.". Sima Yao was foolish and gentle, but he was more nervous about his power and position than anyone else. He pointed out to him that it was Sima Daozi who caused the court and the Xie family to be so bad. Moreover, Daozi was too overbearing and believed in the pagoda. He was extremely poor and extravagant, so that the ministers used their services and bribed the public. As early as this, the ministers in the court were dissatisfied. Therefore, Sima Yao's favor for Sima Daozi was not as good as before. Under the graceful suggestion,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, Sima Yao appointed Wang Xun and Wang Ya as the important positions in the court, and Wang Gong as the governor of Yanzhou and Yin Zhongkan as the governor of Jingzhou to check and balance Daozi. Under such circumstances, even if Daozi doesn't like you, what can he do to you? Liu Yugang knew from Sun Wuzhong about the changes in the court's personnel, but he did not think that it had anything to do with grace, and he was almost speechless. "Sister Ren expects too much of me," she said! This time I escaped from Bianhuangji with nothing, and Bianhuangji fell into the hands of Sun En and Murong Chui, which made Xie Xuan's opinion of me worse. My position is not as good as before. I'm afraid I have failed my elder sister's trust. Ren Qingyu's eyes flashed with lightning. He stared at him fiercely and said, "Liu Yu, what are you doing?"? How can a man not keep his word? I can pick you up, or I can destroy you. Do you think you can just leave? I won't let you go to the ends of the earth. How could Liu Yu really provoke her? "Why are you angry?" He asked with a wry smile? I'm just telling you what a terrible situation I'm in. Without Bian Huangji, my influence has dropped dramatically. Bei Fu Bing Bao, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, without Xie Xuan's support, I am just a small general of low status. Will you give me some time to think about it? "Do you think Bianhuangji is finished?" Said Ren Qingyu in a soft voice as his anger slowed down? The opposite is true. "Don't talk nonsense to comfort me," said Liu Yu in astonishment. "We were comrades in arms who went through life and death side by side," said Ren. "It's not your turn to cheat people. After breaking up with you, I sneaked back to Bianhuangji and attacked Sun En while your good friend was fighting a decisive battle with Sun En. Sun En was also injured. "Yan Fei?" Asked Liu Yu. At this moment, he forgot his elopement with Wang Danzhen for the first time. The cause of his frustration and ambition was the robbery of Bianhuangji, and he hated that he had not returned to Bianhuangji to share the honor and disgrace of life and death with Yanfei and other brothers. So after coming to Guangling, Xie Xuan immediately became disheartened and could no longer refuse Wang Danzhen's love. "Yan Fei is definitely not dead," Ren continued. "Although he was knocked down by Sun En's fist, he still had the strength to escape by himself. I hope he can avoid Sun En's pursuit. As for the situation of Bianhuangji, it is not as bad as you imagine. After Ji Qianqian became the commander of the Bianhuangji Allied Forces, his outstanding performance was beyond all expectations of the enemy and ourselves.
At the time of the fall, she broke through the enemy's heavy siege with the fire bull array, so that the main force of the coalition forces successfully broke through and fled, and there was a tendency to make a comeback at any time. As long as you can persuade Xie Xuanyu to give you an elite team to help the allied forces of Bianhuangji recapture Bianhuangji, you Liu Yu can make up for your mistakes and restore the glory of the battle of Sishui. Liu Yu was dumbfounded and said, "That's why you came to me.". Is that right? Ren Qingti leaned forward to his ear and said, "That's half right!"! I will give myself to you to bewitch you with my beauty. If you say it, you may not believe it. I'm still a virgin. If you don't believe it, you can try it on the bed. Although Liu Yu was in a turbulent mood, he still couldn't help swallowing his saliva. If he could go to Wushan with this woman hand in hand, it would be a man's pleasure in his life. Although she knows that the snake Capricorn beauty is untouchable, she has a powerful allure like magic because of her characteristics. Plus at the moment, Xiang Ze can hear that it is a lie to say that you are not tempted. If there is no elopement with Wang Danzhen, how things will go on, even he is not sure. At this point, of course, he tried to refuse and said dejectedly, "I'm afraid you'll give me the wrong body.". Let's do this! Let me talk to Xie Xuan first, test his attitude to me, tomorrow night you sneak in to find me, then discuss how. Oh! Ren Qingyu sealed his lips and gave him a second sweet kiss. Unlike the last time, this time it was all motivated by the intimacy between men and women, which contained a burning taste of lust. Lip parting. Ren Qing gazed at him with watery eyes and said, "Don't be full of worries, okay?"? Xie An is not wrong to look at people, so is Yan Fei, and so is you, Liu Yu. Are you sure you don't want her tonight? I'll do my best to please you! Liu Yu almost lost control. Fortunately, his self-control was always good. He sighed, "I hope I can tell you the good news tomorrow night. Now I just want to think about how to talk to Xuan Shuai." Ren Qingyu kissed him again and said softly,304 stainless steel wire, "You are the only man I can rely on in the world now. Don't give up on yourself.". There will always be times when people are frustrated. How can those who refuse to face adversity be called heroes? You have saved my life, and you are my only hope of avenging Sun En. I will never harm you! Then Yingying stood up, bypassed him and flashed out of the front door. sxthsteel.com
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