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Best Four Managed Service Providers for Azure

#1 | Zaslané: 19 Feb 2021 09:22
Top 4 Hyper-Scales Managed Service Providers for Azure in 2021

This resource is to assist clients with finding the best Azure-managed service providers to tackle their organization's issues. Setting up a genuine vendor and service can be a complex process that should be inspected inside and remotely and often goes beyond the gadget and its technical abilities. To make your exploration something easier, we have looked at the best Azure managed service providers on one page. We have included platform names and focus areas.

1. Cloudreach

Platform: Cloudamize

Areas of focus: Infrastructure and application services

Overview: Cloudreach is a provider of hyper-scale managed services for AWS and Azure and Google Cloud. The vendor offers two different sorts of cloud-based services: services that set up the customer's systems, processes, and culture for the cloud, and services that assist clients with enhancing their ROI and free them up to new opportunities. Cloudreach also shows customers how to operate and enhance their cloud deployment and offers security services that provide real-time upgrades in basic cloud-based business operations.

azure managed service providers - ExtNoc

2. Cognizant

Platform: Cloud Operate

Areas of focus: Cloud Enablement, Digital Transformation

Overview: Cognizant is an expert service organization and a provider of AWS and Azure management services. Merchant cloud services incorporate consulting, operating, migration, security, and enterprise mining plans. Cognizant cloud management services define the best-operating systems for ceaseless deployment on private, public, or hybrid models. Organizations can build up a wide range of cloud applications for service-controlled industries. Since 2012, Cognizant has been offering services to all major hyper-scale cloud infrastructure providers.

3. Deloitte

Platform: OpenCloud

Areas of focus: Cloud strategy, cloud migration

Overview: Deloitte is an expert service provider and managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The organization helps clients who need full help configuration, build and manage cloud environments. Deloitte also offers hands-on support and helps clients with upgrading existing PC systems to automate traditional management services. Vendors also offer SaaS products that feature their core abilities, like finance management, worldwide tax services, monetary counsels, and production plans.

4. DXC technology

Platform: DXC Agility Platform

Area of focus: Hybrid IT, Cloud Modernization, Cloud Migration

Overview: DXC Technology is a managed service provider for AWS and Azure set up from consolidation among CSC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services business. The organization emphasizes the arrangement of managed cloud services and builds special outlines that empower its clients to utilize hybrid IT and hybrid cloud environments. DXC Technology's network of accomplices incorporates organizations like HP, Lenovo, Micro Focus, and Oracle, which allow organizations to customize tools for their cloud under DXC.
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